Artist’s Impression Of Turkey’s ALH Dhruv Air Ambulance

23 thoughts on “Artist’s Impression Of Turkey’s ALH Dhruv Air Ambulance”

  1. HAL has always taken very good care of all its products and the FAE-604 was as good as any other dhruv that was made and may be that can be made and yes, it looks excellent coz i see it everyday and its a pleasure to work on these beautiful machines

  2. ATC : Stay calm, sir. We've dispatched the HAL's Dhruv to your rescue.

    Downed Pilot: Thanks! big help! I might as well fukking shoot myself.

  3. I think sathish is right. Even Red Cross in islamic nations is known as Red Crescent. HAL better check the logos and symbols before shipping it to customer.

  4. I think the painting of the fuselage is done in conjunction with the customer and their requirements.So there should not be a problem with that.

  5. what's wrong with all the above posters ? the red cross depicts the medical use of the machine…..and btw, shiv you can easily obtain a pic of the chopper in that paint scheme if u try…the first custom designed air-ambulance version was launched almost a year ago.

  6. To Anonymous 5:25, 5:28

    Wait till a Dhruv actually rescues you… Unless ofcoure, you refuse the help when you are stranded and hope for some Chinook / Bell / Augusta to come your way!

    Look some posts below to find an amazing rescue effort by the Dhruv, hovering at low altitudes…

  7. "Turkey is not Islamic. They are staunch secularists. But this secularism is under grave threat from islamists"

    Whats wrong with present Turkish government, it has recognised Kurdish language, Aturturk govt banned it. Moved to heal disputes with neighbours and has increased trade with its neighbours too.

    Turkish flag has a creasent, so is ambulance service.

  8. There is a greater feeling that Turkey is going the Islamic fundamentalist way and may even become a Pakistan with daily IED mubaraks. Attempts are made by Turkish Islamists to achieve this goal. Let's all wish good to the people of Turkey and hope that such a thing never happens.

  9. The red cross fell into disrepute in the islamic countries because it was a "Cross" and used by the western countries.

    The islamic countries instead used the "Red Crescent" – That is how they depict health care related vehicles, ambulances.

  10. so how many ALH does Turkey procuring from HAL?

    Well, they better purchase twice their requirement numbers! And in less than a year from that sale we will all be 'celebrating' how HAL sold them a Turkey.

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