Beauty! Indian Home-built Stealth Frigate Sahyadri At Pearl Harbour For #RIMPAC14

The Indian Navy’s Shivalik-class stealth multi-role frigate INS Sahyadri (F49) transits to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in preparation for the ship’s participation in Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise 2014. 22 nations, more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC from June 26 to Aug. 1, in and around the Hawaiian Islands. The world’s largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain the cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s oceans. RIMPAC 2014 is the 24th exercise in the series that began in 1971. (Text & Photos: US Navy).

19 thoughts on “Beauty! Indian Home-built Stealth Frigate Sahyadri At Pearl Harbour For #RIMPAC14”

  1. India's capabilities in ship building has truly come of age. It beats me that we continue to buy the "WORLD's JUNK" in every other area – take the Vikramaditya for instance. The IAC-1 will be so much better and brand new ship. Wish the Indian airforce could take a page out of the navy's effort at indigenization.

  2. Gr8 to see an state of the art indian naval ship with the backdrop of US Battleship Missouri 63…..majestic

  3. a bit concerned with the workmanship…look at image 2 and 5 the finish doesn't look clean….either we are using some advance radio wave absorbing materiel or poor work

  4. Sheet metal work is shit. I bet you money this isn't stealthy. Lots of uneven surfaces for radar to contact. Look at the French and American ships for stealth. There is a penalty to be paid for lack of smooth surfaces.

  5. The dimples on the surface are not a sign of poor workmanship. The surfaces of the vertical structures on the ship's deck is rippled on purpose. The objective is to scatters radar waves making it harder for enemy radar to detect the ship beyond visual range.

  6. NSR sys —

    The work definitely looks like soft radar wave observing material…may be some new kind…

    Indian Navy is not stupid enough to accept it if it is of poor workmanship or if it does not display stealth characteristics…

    Have you guys ever seen a radar anechoic chamber?

    I can say that the welding work on one of the destroyer shown recently is performed very poor and substandard way…
    It looks like street vendor welding something…

    All the government and private ship yards need to tie up with some very good foreign companies to do state of the art and quick turnaround on ships…

  7. That uneven appearance seen in 2nd pic on the superstructure is radar absorbing material check the formidable class.

  8. To anon @ 10:54
    you fool dumb ass see the tonnage and capability difference b/w
    " "
    shivalik class frigate

    @ Tammy Tts
    You should know that the Indian armed force specification are so strigent that foreign vendor product are also not able to meet requirement but in indigenous is only accepted after it has meet specification.
    And naval ships are designed in india by "Directorate of naval design".
    French will die of poverty if it gets no foreign orders that's why they are barking here.

  9. For all the discussions on poor sheet metal works hampering stealth and worksmanship, kindly note – Indian navy is a much qualified institution to know the aspects of steah better than anyone of us. None of us are the users of this defense asset and therefore not qualufied to comment on design/stealth aspects….we should be proud of the shivalik being an indian asset protecting and projecting the interests of a billion people…

    india has just developed marine defense grade steel for Indigenous Aircraft carrier….so we are scaling up the capabilities….considering most of the time india was under sanctions for critical technologies

    helo is usually parked during operations or in combat alert conditions…otherwise the asset is best placed on shore to prevent effects of corrossion

  10. To anon @ 10:54 who has posted the wiki link to La Fayette citing it as an epitome of quality .. pls check the picture captioned – "Superstructure of a La Fayette blends into the hull with only a slight change in inclination" in higher resolution. You will see similar indentations as well.
    That is because the sides of stealth ships are covered with a radar waves scattering material and the same indentations do not allow the radar waves to reflect as a continuous stream back to its source.

  11. @Anon 8:57
    so a Paki i assume, quite hilarious the people of a bankrupt state with third-hand junk as ships taunting IN.BTW anybody who knows a penny's worth of naval warfare knows that PN with all it's rust buckets Alamgir,Babur etc wont last for more thean 12hrs,It's indeed generous that PN is still called a navy and not a coast gaurd.
    BTW boast all you want about agousta class boats we got poseidons,hunter-killers and subhunter more than capable of putting them in place

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