Defence Minister Flies With Paratroopers, Watches Jump

Defence Minister AK Antony visited India’s special forces paratroopers at their home in Agra, today. He was accompanied by Army Chief General VK Singh and the Vice Army Chief Lieutenant General PC Bhardwaj (the seniormost commando in service). During the visit, the Minister went aboard an IAF Antonov-32, took off with a team of paratroopers and watched undertake combat freefall jumps.

Photos: Indian Army

16 thoughts on “Defence Minister Flies With Paratroopers, Watches Jump”

  1. They are not special forces. All paratroopers from Parachute Regiment are not SF. PARA SF wear balidan badge. They are not wearing it. Hence they are not SF.

  2. wish he too would have jumped. he is the most useless defence minister India ever had. tenders take a deacde to materialise, contracts getting cancelled after being signed and so many companies being simple blacklisted. throw him out at the earliest

  3. Agree with Anon @ 7:09 AM.

    Instead of doing what he is supposed to do like getting all the defence acquisitions done in a phased and fast manner, streamlinig the process , getting agreements/rules/policy in place for the private industry participation, Putting the artillery acquisition on the emergency list., he is moving around on borders for boosting the morale of the forces,. the photo ops are good for his future career. n, which is what he is interested in.

    Just look at how Tata got the sikorsky helicopter cabin developed in record time. just shows our real "indegenous" potential.

  4. Also to the Mod AKA Shiv,
    I have to click save twice to post my comment and clicking once will not do it.
    No wonder I lost many of my comments.

  5. Eurofighter kills pilots, is over budget, nations cuts comitments, will never have stryke/swingrole abilities, started 2000 at 9.7t and is now 2010 12t empty from official sources, putting his T/W ratio down, and this without having added any ground abilities or aesa "Antenna only" on back end MCA radar (2018 at best), eurofighter is 1/4 RCs of Tonado, when a rafale has 1/20 Rcs of a Mirage 2000, without speaking of bribes Bae systems etc..

  6. Somehow watching that wishy-washy lethargic 'Mr.Clean' standing next to the pilots he endangers with his 'delayed procurement' policies infuriates me to no end. MTA deal taking 9 years to get signed, An-32 upgrade leisurely delayed till the planes started crashing…

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