Drone Down! Indian Heron UAV Crashes

Drone down. An IAI Heron unmanned aerial vehicle of the Indian Air Force crashed today near Bhuj in western India. Indications are that the crash followed engine trouble and subsequent loss of control. The Indian Navy has lost a few Searcher MK.IIs in the past, but I’m pretty sure this is the first crash of the larger Heron, the most advanced unmanned air system currently in Indian service. The IAF and Indian Navy operate about 45 Heron I/IIs between them, with the government clearing a 15 Heron buy 11 months ago.

5 thoughts on “Drone Down! Indian Heron UAV Crashes”

  1. @del – This was one of the smarter purchases by our Armed Forces. Quite a tactical force multiplier. Makes sense to order more. We can also look at co-developing the same with Israel.

  2. If more of these are not crashed, how do you think the I in IAF can be justified – Import, Import and more Import is the key for IAF. I am not telling what the F in IAF is for. Sooner or later even the F has to be discussed. But that is for later.

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