Eurofighter At Aero India 2011

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24 thoughts on “Eurofighter At Aero India 2011”

  1. Cool. Wonder if the Rafale will show too. If the Hornet turns up, we'll have The Good, The Bad, and the plain grotesque on our hands.
    And I'm referring to Rafale when I say 'Good'.

  2. Why not "the Good the bad and the queen"?
    I get it, we are not sure if it's a British Typhoon so we can't say queen ^^'

  3. Mr. Aroor, Euro Fighter at AI 2011. What does it mean? It's natural they will showcase it if they are willing to sell the fighter. What's new?

  4. I am afraid that now the MMRCA selection may also have to consider the various angles generated by the test flight of J-20.

    I mean which contender might have incited the early test flight of J-20.Lol…

  5. Wow… why is typhoon so popular?
    Its just a bad attempt at trying to match the gripen.

    I mean
    mixing all EU countries together when atleast 90%lacks technology..

  6. eurofighter the winner of mmrca.
    can we guess see if this is happening with broad smiles, cheers and pomp from the stall.

  7. Though the rafale has a low RCS , the hornet has high operational survivability and an in-operation AESA radar. Its disadvantage probably is it is in same heavy class as MKIs. I feel thre should not be 1 preference as an MMRCA fighter aircraft but around 4 [Gripen, Hornet, Rafale, Euro]. This would keep out the f-16 and Mig. Also it would increase our bargaining power with the selected ones.

  8. @Anon 9:27
    Rafale has some aero dynamics issues. So it can't be considered as good. Eurofighter though not a fully developed MMCRA is lot better than Rafale with structural issues…

  9. How much is it going to cost them to bring the plane to Aero India ? An arm and a leg, I guess… But they are desperate.

    Indeed, Eurofighter is a failure, a dud. It died even before it could achieve anything.

    The UK, the most important of the founding members, is bailing out as fast as possible and the others members want to do the same :

    Soon, more than 50 outdated Eurofighter will be scrapped because they are too expensive to keep! The RAF will keep about 100 Eurofighter only.

    Proof, that Eurofighter was a terrible mistake for the EU nations and is a bad choice for the MMRCA.

  10. The very topic gives me stomach upsets. In no way palatable! The MMRCA tamasha the PAK-FGFA, the LCA junk, shows how ignorant and inefficient the people in the rat hole (South Block) are.The Government is taking us for a ride. The only thing that needs to be done is let the Pvt sector take over and let them, do it, right now. Forget about reinventing the wheel instead charge ahead with buying or developing 5th and 6th Gen manned or unmanned vehicles.Time is running out, remember the CHENGDU is out! The EuroFighter and the Rafale will be in the Chinese stable before you realize it. And the 'good' Russians are playing double agent by helping the Chinese build the CHENGDU. (God knows what else they have shared with them, especially ….the SU30MKI)Now that leaves India with not much maneuvering space. So it is best to get close with Lockheed and get them to help with AMCA and onwards.Nothing less than the F-22, that is the only one which sends shivers down the spine of CHENGDU. We need a Tunisia like revolution in India, let the youth of India arise and throw out these old Socialists Baboos who have robbed and destroyed the country this far.

  11. Not Required Intelligence

    I'm with Matthew on this on the importance of getting into unkil's good graces.
    But I cannot agree with the dhoti shivering on the j20. I am not impressed with their copy. If India wanted to copy, we could be building 6th generation fighters by now. I estimate their stealth characteristics roughly comparable to the LCA with a coat of black paint and ours is already in service and completely indigenous. As it is, we do not need to fear them. Our FGFA will handily outclass whatever junk they can put up.

  12. as expected!
    eurofighter is gonna pitch harder for the MMRCA deal.hope is brings some god news on making the planes totally in india &help us make our own AESA radar.the arrrival of the f35 cockpit simulator is gonna be the highlight of the aero india this year.

  13. This isn't working! The MMRCA should have been procured five years ago! Now we are gunning to procure a 4th generation fighter when the whole world is moving on to 5th generation aircraft, with the USA moving on to an invincible 6th generation aircraft. We should scrap the air force, scrap the government, and scrap India (sic.). Like they say in India, "go drown yourself in a "chuloo bhar ka pani,"" is my advice to the Indian government. They have it wrong: they caught the elephant from the tail and called it a rope.

    I could go on and on: India needs to immediately invest $50 billion in engineering education and training if it wishes to reach where it wants to in the world, in its military, and space.

    The aim must be nothing less than 87 air squadrons of minimum 4.5 generation aircraft.

    But in India, seeking excellence is next to impossible! The only thing that they excel in is to pull each other down. I guess I'm getting good at it too!

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