Can Kill J-20 & T-50, Says Eurofighter

Found this interesting piece in the latest edition of Eurofighter World as part of the Typhoon programme’s pitch to the Middle East and Far East. The author sweetly praises the F-22 Raptor, before bringing it down. 🙂

Copyright & Courtesy Eurofighter World

22 thoughts on “Can Kill J-20 & T-50, Says Eurofighter”

  1. Can't say how Typhoon is gonna deal with T-50 but against J-20, I think it has a fair chance. Thanks to its so-much-anterior canards. They look so much like Typhoon's very own chinese moustache that the chinks will obviously be fooled to believe that its one of their own.

  2. woooooowwwwwww!!!!!!! again we are getting to know how EF has hidden it's weakness in marketing…if we rest some time they will say ef can kill alien's also! :P:P

  3. I can't see how a Typhoon could consistently defeat a T-50. I'd be curious to hear a Typhoon rep making that case, actually. Shiv, could you make some inquiries regarding this? It would make for an interesting article.

  4. This is anon 28

    Typhoon does need upgrades to match the T50 or J20 due them being better than F22. The two WILL succeed the F22 however the Typhoon only beats the F22 in a few ways however these ways are what makes Typhoon unique. The Rafale although good EW suite and new more powerful engines lacked hi altitude performance when it came out and was beaten by Typhoons at high altitude by JG74.

    In order to improve Typhoons low altitude it needs TVC.

    Thats what has been said ^^

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