For the first time ever, a photograph of the location from which India’s first nuclear submarine (the Advanced Technology Vessel) will be launched later this month. Can anyone identify the other ships docked around it?

Photo Copyright ATVP

13 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The ATV’s Home!”

  1. Almost the whole of IN Eastern Fleet is docked around there for ovbious reasons. Vishakapatnam is their home.

  2. This is the extreme west of Vizag Dockyard … one can see the two dry docks (with ships inside) .. The ones berthed outside (along the jetty) – the big one seems to be a tanker; rest-frigates

  3. It would be so easy for terrorists to come on a boat and murder hundreds of people on the docks. I've been there, the security is cosmetic only, and there is no threat response procedures or capability.

  4. this google earth image almost 2 years old

    & mr blogger stop acting like a moron
    these are strategic location there is no need to show these pics

  5. I dont see any kilo class sub. Yes these are 3 yr old pics. now strategic location is myth, thanks to google earth.

  6. are you insane .. what a disgrace why are you posting this on world wide web . this is a matter of national security moron ..

    Remove this photograph immediately or i will file a FIR against you for compromising national security .. do It NOW ….

  7. dumb a$$es, if its on google the whole world would've seen it, so go file a FIR against google.

    And btw this is not a live sat image, things would've changed quite a bit now.

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