EXCLUSIVE: The Chetak UAV inside/out Part-3

Here are the technical parameters of the beautiful Chetak NRUAV in its present configuration:


Endurance: 6 hours
Ceiling: 15,000 ft

Loiter speed: 60 knots
Max speed: 100 knots

Max Take-off Weight: 2200 kg
Max Mission Payload Weight: 220 kg
Main Rotor Diameter: 11.02 m
Tail Rotor Diameter: 1.91 m
Length w/o Payloads-Overall rotors turning: 12.84 m-
Fuselage, tail rotor turning: 10.17 m
Width (without payloads, blades folded): 2.6 m
Height to top of rotor head: 2.97 m

24 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Chetak UAV inside/out Part-3”

  1. black beauty!! cannot wait to see this killer in action. can’t they sling a couple of harpoons on this baby? will it have an ASW capability as well? presumably it should. a discussion on what all this baby will be capable of.

  2. arre wah! good work shiv in bringing this out. it really is a beautiful looking chopper. when will these be inducted into the navy? which warships will they operate from? im guessing the shivaliks and the kolkata classes?

  3. Hi Shiv,

    Good job! I would liek to know a few more details.
    1. Is this a stealth helicoptor? UAVs generally require to be stealthy to be able to observe the enemy teritory undisturbed. Else what stops them from knocking it down with some SAMs The current design does not look that stealthy. Have they used radar abosrbant paint?

    2. How is the noise profile of the motor?

  4. @Mayuresh
    Assuming this is operated from a base on the shores or an aircraft carrier and given the role of ASW, I dont expect any interception of this craft.

    If it is looking for subs in littoral waters, our defenses should repel any enemy action. In deep water, operating from Aircraft carriers, I dont think enemy subs will be provided with air support.

    Even if it is shot down with awacs/bvr missiles etc, we wont have loss of lives.

    Even i would be interested in knowing about the noise and optical/infrared stealth on this craft..

  5. Thx a lot man.A nice informative post indeed. How is its AEW capability compared to the Ka-31 tht is can it be used in AEW roles as well?
    Also, will it be given inflight refueling capability or wet pylons to increase endurance?
    Can u also shortlist the types of ships in Indian Navy which can operate this UAV along with their
    usual complement of Sea King Helos?
    Thx in advance.

  6. [email protected]: under the current project phase, there are no plans to weaponise the NRUAV, although the IN had initially indicated when development evolves, it should have the option for limited weaponisation in the form of torpedoes or sea-mines.

  7. excellent work shiv. please post the rest of the info if there is any on the chetak uav. it really is a dream project for the navy, and will be a massive force multiplier. kudos to you for bringing this into the public forum. let us have a discussion on this threat on what other capabilities can be fitted on this platform as the development evolves in the future. seems modular architecture approach of the israelis will make it very flexible!

  8. Stealth is rotary winged UAV is very difficult to achieve. IR tops the list against improved sensors, IRSTs etc. Noise comes a close second, Radar cross section would be the third (since these would fly low, and if and once spotted wont be able to outturn or outrun a missle)

    Some passive stealth like composite construction, radar absorbant coatings, rotor design for reduced noise and rcs etc are possible. True stealth copter like Comanche is pretty difficult to realize immediately. But if India actively invests on it, it can set up lot of labs and infra around stealthy designs and testing.

  9. dear friends , this chopper is designed to be a UAV ,, its not stealth, if you read the basics ,pay load is 220 kgs , so offensive is almost out bit for some lightweight rockets maybe as defensive alternative , you guys please read some books & keep in touch with development , as it is the civilian guys are gunning for you .Be good officers & men and be proud to be that you have to be in touch with your profession atleast

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