EXCLUSIVE Photos: Chinese Destroyer Shenzhen at Kochi

DDG-167, the PLA Navy’s Shenzhen, the country’s sole Type 051B Luhai-class destroyer at Kochi this month on a goodwill visit.

Photos Courtesy Southern Naval Command

24 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Photos: Chinese Destroyer Shenzhen at Kochi”

  1. Learn something from the Chinese. They have been constently showing there middle finger to us and we very proudly have been thaking them inside.

    True of what we are being called. Paper tigers and internet dumbs. Not even capable of correcting our border lines in the net.

    On what ground we aspire 2 become super power.
    And 2 all my dear readers stop just thinking and start doing.
    Cos if do not thke up our knowledge "arms" then i am afraid it would be 2 late.

    Start learning cantonese.

  2. What do the communist party leaders of India have to say about the visit of the Chinese Warships? No dharnas or rastha roko or rail roko?Their silence is strange or are they looking forward to a hostile act from their masters across the borders?

  3. @ Above Anon,

    The communists leaders in India get their pay checks every month from their chinese masters.So they have no issues with a Chinese warship visiting India or Indian warship visiting china.They only get pissed when a US warship visits india or vice-versa.

    The whole nation is Fcuked up with a vast majority of worthless cock lickers.no to mention the top leaders in the most honorable chairs.No one has balls at all.

    For some reason i feel like getting the F out of this damn democrazy and bringing in the nationalistic dictatorism which eliminated the corrupt bafoons and unethic leaders and all the [email protected]$tards who are not worth living.

    Trust me guys,a dictatorism in India mean— Whole world will pee in their pants.

  4. Hi sunny world,
    Spot on! The CPI morons practising an archaic political doctrine would go all out to show their displeasure towards any other country except the People's Republic of China.

    If China decides to attack India to claim Arunachal Pradesh or even greater parts of the Akashi Chin area, Prakash Karat and his coterie of goons would be in the forefront condemning India for claiming Chinese territory.

    I always feel that India won't be defeated by the might of any external aggressors, but by the traitors within the country.

    Just look at the facilitators of the terrorist attacks in India. The guys actively supporting, co-ordinating and providing safe houses are Indians. Whether they are Muslims or otherwise is immaterial because as citizens of the country they have failed to honour and defend it.

    Should another 1962 take place, it would reveal the true colours of the communists in India.

  5. The Shenzhen is very impressive.When you go onboard you find the ships metallurgy and paintwork of world class standards.The paint used is probably the best in the world – no rust marks, not even specs of rust anywhere.The interiors are equally impressive.The Chinese are way ahead of us in shipbuilding.Everything on that ship is made in China – so what if its reverse engineered or copy of Russian/Western stuff?It works.If we compare ourselves with the Chinese they are a developed country by our standards.There is no comparison.We have to go a long way before we even come close.We have to imbibe the national spirit they have.We have to get out of the sham and leisurely attitude we have about our national obligations.

  6. @anonymous – 10:51 PM:

    Thats hos all ships looks from closeup !! Checkout closeups of our Yet-to-be-commissioned INS SHIVALIK – they would be very similar.


    Look at the body language of the chinese dude shaking hands with the indian dude. It shows he trying to dominate. Wot a show ! This might just be a warning of sorts to India, by showing one of their recent warships. Maybe Indians should have given him a demonstration of one of our missiles destroying a old ship. That would put some fear in his heart! Wars are never won only by numbers, MORALE IS KEY ! Put fear in chinese hearts about Indian armed forces. Become ruthless. Show courage and step up to the Chinese PANDA (no dragons !!)

  7. Joyce, you must not have seen IN ships. The 30 year ships are without any spot of rust on them and still performs excellently. This shows the IN's capability in keeping the oldest ships in such nice condition. Also the Chinese are not ahead of us in shipbuilding. The only area we lag is the number of ship build. This need to be improved.

  8. Hi Joyce,
    A very lopsided comparison. China is a COMMUNIST country controlled by a ruthless regime. It can just bulldoze any development or infrastructure at the expense of its citizens. In fact it does not value any human rights. Dissenters have no place in communist China.

    In a free country practising democracy without any draconian laws, anybody can criticize, mock or even draw unpleasant caricatures of its leaders at ones whims and fancies. There are so many watchdogs and self-appointed critics, scandal mongers and coruppted traitors working against Indian interests that it is indeed a wonder that India is still functioning and developing, though at a snail's pace.

    To make matters worse the decision making process is one of the worst. By the time the netas and babus agree to decide and finally decide, the world would have progressed a few decades.

    For India to progress at any decent pace, the mentality of its citizens has to go through a paradigm shift.

    It is not just the work culture. It starts with the proper attitude and a sense of deep seated pride about being an Indian. How does one develop such virtues when even common sense and civic consciousness is absent in everyday life?

    Indians who have been overseas heap praises of the cleanliness and efficiency in Singapore, China and even some of the other Asian countries. But do the same Indians try to practise it back home? Is it so difficult to be proactive? Is it so difficult to be punctual, efficient and doing an honest day's work? After all they are not being forced to do anything for free!

    Until and unless there is a drastic change in the Indian psyche, Indians can just dream on as being equal or even surpassing countries like China, Korea or Japan. Developed countries of the West doesn't come into the picture as they are way ahead.

    The older generation of Indians from the ministers right down to the civil servants can be written off. They are too much in a rut to even think of change. They are happy as they are.

    It is up to the younger generation to think and effect changes. Will they be bold enough to venture into unknown and unchartered territory or are they happy with the status quo?

    For starters vote for a YOUNG AND DYNAMIC council of ministers (cabinet at Federal and State levels)with a no nonsense attitude towards complacency, corruption and anything anti-Indian.

    Secondly Indians should be more India-centric like the US and even the Chinese. Do not compromise on the country's development, security and cultural values.

    Do not appease anti-national elements in any form, colour or religion. Put them where they belong, the realms of the dinasaurs.

    Can we Indians do it? Do we have the will and the gumption to do it? Time will tell.

    In the meantime, please do not sing praises of our enemies who are out to destroy us and everything that we cherish. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

  9. Voting wont change anything in India. We need a new way of governance democaracy will continue to fail as it is too flexible a system. And no, China is not communist. They are the most capitalist and staunchly nationalist people in the world, which is why Uncle is scared of them. In China they see themselves.

  10. @annonymous @ 2:14 am,

    I still do not understand why would a ship's hull be a lattice construction, like an aircraft wing. True, that the weight savings achieved are immense, but such a structure hardly has any resistance to a direct hit by a torpedo or cruise missile. i would assume that the hull would be like the armour in a tank, only stronger by orders of magnitude. Remember, an aircraft wing is not designed to take a direct hit from a missile and still survive.

    If you do have close-ups of Shivalik where such a structure is seen, I would love to have a look at it. Please point out the link to me.

    Also, i have seen a lot of ships in close-up, hell, I have been on the Vikrant (now that it is in Mumbai after decommissioning) and never saw any such a structure for its hull.

    Can someone throw light on the look of the hull here?

  11. Chinese have shown only their old stock ship to us , they have more powerful then this one ,their normally maintain more secrecy, we should not underestimate our enemies , they have both advantage and disadvantages , we need to take the positive things from them. India need to avoid returing unspent money ( its a shameful laziness of defense planners).

    our biggest enemy are dragons , they already encircled us with their strong nuclear submarine fleet, but our govt shows only slow motions in defense preparedness . As per navy we need to massive start of ATV class sub's /fast rack orders in next gen diesel sub's / ASW capable ships / smaller aircraft with ASW / heli with ASW . we need to fasttrack all our needs .


  12. I don't remember who it was, probably an American diplomat, who remarked 'Diplomacy is like telling a rabid dog soothingly 'Nice doggie, nice doggie' until you can lay a hand on a stick to drive it away'.
    I reckon that's what we are doing here until we can get our act together. As to when that would be is, of course a million dollar question.

  13. too much praise for the Chini mullum guess what our soilders will do in the latest ships instead using junk from 80's

  14. hi
    I am a chinese stay in mumbay now.
    china and india should look forward in the 21st centry, we have competition, and at the same time we have more opportunity for cooperation in each every field, such as ecnomic, policic, antiterrism, social develop, and so on. I am happy to see this blog, it showed more and more cooperation and friendship in military of our two country.

  15. I'd request Mr Vincent to kindly review the Chinese shipbuilding programme on the web before mocking at me with those unnecessary remarks.The Chinese have gone ahead leaps and bounds in shipbuilding – both military as well as non-military.The paint on Shenzhen was really impressive – just a small example of the high quality stuff they produce for themselves.For those who think I am talking in air – let me say that my comments are not off the cuff.I am speaking from personal observations.Just have a look at the F22P frigates which the Chinese are selling to the Pakis.There are photos available on the net.Check out:

    Everything in that ship,including the weapons and the helicopter is made in China.Have we produced anything like that – completely Indian?We have only mastered hull building and systems integration.We still buy the crux from abroad.And those who do not like to hear that China is way ahead of us in almost everything,let me say that you will gain nothing by being an Ostrich.You can keep saying that they are Communist etc but that wont help next time they walk into NEFA/Arunachal.They are already publishing articles calling for Balkanisation of India.We need to get our act together before we have a repeat of 1962.We need to have a strategy to counter them and work accordingly.Today I read in the papers that the Chinese Exim bank has signed two deals worth 350 Million $ with Srilanka for develping maritime facilities at Hambantota (a bunkering project).Look how far sighted they are.They are establishing a foothold right at our feet(pun intended).You all must be aware of Gwadar and Hyanggi.So they are very clever.We have managed to launch our Arihant this year.Chinese build their first nuclear submarine in the last decade.They are building more of them plus some conventional ones too.Their aircraft carrier construction is also progressing rapidly.Mr Vincent and Mr Terminator you need to see the reality objectively.China is way ahead and we need to catch up.Excuses like the system of governance or human rights are not tenable when national security is jeopardised.

  16. To Joyce , what you made last post is seems to be some truth .

    china keeps footsteps around us , India need to strongly insist srilanka to stop allowing chinese bases in its land . India need to keep strong hold base in Vietnam & Philippines . Ayni base should be strengthened . IAF sqn depletion is a burning problem, High officials in defense are not bothered about it, India need to placed interim orders for more 4+ gen jets , MMRCA deal will take more than five yrs to reach 1st fighter to land in india ,upto that this great drama will be continued, this happens due to Lack of Patriotism on motherland .

  17. no sorry Joyce you are an idiot of the first order.

    even the Pakis are complaining about the quality and weaponry of the F-22Ps they are almost receiving for free from China. They say that the 65 million for a 30 year old OHP from America is far better spent than the 170 million for a badly built Chinese light frigate.


    but you know better than the end user of course. Wait, I just upgraded you to enroll in Harvard with your latest genius comment, which doesn't impart any useful information at all.

  18. Dear Vincent,
    Regret unable to continue decent debate with you since you are more interested in mockery than qualitaive points.Thanks for that input on F22P anyway.

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