Exclusive Video Preview Of India’s Akula-II, INS Chakra

In a network exclusive today, INDIA TODAY senior ed Sandeep Unnithan scooped these two little clips of INS Chakra, India’s new Akula-II class nuclear powered attack submarine while on its way to India. Sandeep and I are both leaving for Visakhapatnam tomorrow to witness and cover the Chakra’s induction ceremony. Stay tuned for photos and videos. Meanwhile, feast on this one, like I did all afternoon. 😀

Video / Sandeep Unnithan | India Today

8 thoughts on “Exclusive Video Preview Of India’s Akula-II, INS Chakra”

  1. Why is an NATO designation being used, especially for a deal between Russia and India?

    Call it what it is, 971 class boat, or Schuka. The real Akula is a huge missile sub.

  2. Nothing to enjoy or feel proud for it. This submarine is totally for training purpose and max to max for reconnaisance in high seas. Under the lease agreement this nerpa cannot be used for offensive purpose similar to INS Jalashwa. Instead India should have bought it off the shelf from Russia without this lease agreement.

  3. Great day for the Indian navy. Good for you Shiv that you were there at this memorable day for the Indian Navy. Even though it may not be armed with the potent long range nuclear missiles due to international agreements, we must realise that nothing is stopping India from using it as a training platform for future N-subs that India is already getting ready to induct or those which are at various stages of construction.- i.e. the Arihant class subs. What the cynics must understand is when the previous INS Chakra (i.e the Charlie class sub) was leased in the late 80s till 1992, unfortunately the expertise gained from operating an N-sub was gradually lost. This case is different, because not only India is at the threshold of building and inducting potentially 5 N-subs under the ATV program, but also that we are also getting ready to arm those N-subs with potent SLBMS over the next 2-3 years. Hence the excitement over the Nerpa or INS Chakra's induction- coming as it is at a critical but right time for the Indian Navy, as it seeks to replenish and strengthen its submarine fleet to take on the challenges of the 21st century. So I would suggest we should indeed savour the moment and see the bigger picture in the wider scheme of things for the Indian Navy.

  4. Off the shelf? Do you understand that India could not just go and buy a nuclear sub off the shelf? Not to mention complete it by itself.

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