EXCLUSIVE: What’s New In India’s Nuclear Submarine Program?

With heightened buzz from India’s nuclear submarine nursery over the imminent launch of the country’s second nuclear-powered ballistic missile boat Aridhaman, we caught up with the journalist who first revealed the contours of the n-sub program and the strategic weapons India is building with it. Here’s India Today executive editor Sandeep Unnithan in an exclusive conversation with Livefist’s Shiv Aroor providing the latest detailed overview of where things stand.

6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: What’s New In India’s Nuclear Submarine Program?”

  1. Highly informative. But Shiv, i would like to request you to hold future interviews in a more quieter environment. It was a bit difficult to hear what Mr. Unnithan was saying at some points.

  2. Hi Shiv

    You should check idrw.org which is ripping off your latest Nuclear Submarine program graphics and showing it off as their own.


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