Exercise Iron Fist To Feature Tejas, LCH

IAF Statement: February 22, 2013 would witness the Indian Air Force demonstrate its operational capabilities by day, dusk and night at the sprawling facility of the Pokharan Range, the largest air –to-ground weapons firing range for training in delivery of heavy armament, near Jaisalmer, in the arid Rajasthan Sector in an Exercise named – Iron Fist.

Showcasing more than 30 types of platforms and Weapons Systems amounting to a participation of over 200 aircraft, this Fire Power Display will demonstrate the day and night employability of air power by frontline fighter aircraft of the IAF including  – Su-30 MKI, Mirage-2000, Jaguar, MiG-21,MiG-27, MiG-29 and Hawks. The transport aircraft would include – C130J, AN-32, Embraer and IL-76, while Mi-8, Mi-17 V5, Mi-17 1V and Mi-35 Attack Helicopters will constitute the Rotary Wing ingredients.
Being a display of armament delivery skills by pilots at the end of their training year, the exercise also aids commanders and planners to gain better insight into the potential and deployment capabilities of aerial weapons.
The IAF would also be showcasing, for the first time, its Surface to Air Missile Systems and its latest aircraft Pilatus PC-7 Mk II. The events at – Iron Fist intend to display various aspects of Fire Power like-  Air Defence Operations, Counter Surface Force Operations, Urban Warfare and Combat Search Rescue Operations.
Light Combat Aircraft and Light Combat Helicopter, two of the most prestigious indigenous projects would also form a part of the display. In addition, IAF’s Parajumping Team, Akash Ganga, IAF’s Air Warrior Drill Team and Air Warrior Symphony Orchestra would also perform.
Aimed at providing the nation the reassurance that the IAF will deliver whenever called upon, a demonstration of this magnitude is being carried out for the first time by day, dusk and night. Very few air forces in the world can achieve this feat.

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  1. The air chief leaves no room to show case his love for Pilatus Pc7.. can we ask him why did the IAF change the SQRs for the trainer aircraft and made it to suit PC7, relaxing 0/0 ejection, cockpit pressurisation, 0-99% percentile pilots , auto trim control device and 7 other parameters. Why was he in such a rush to buy 37 more before his retirement….If someone compares it is exactly the AW helicopter sequence….Wake up and smell some cofee before we have another disgraced service chief….

  2. Finally some shame and display of indg products….They never showed in IAF day nor replublic day celeb…Demonstration of AW helicopters were done without any shame ….
    Yes the LCA and LCH will demo their fire power and HAL will have a prod capacity of 20 a/c per year…

  3. Last year my cousin was offered a government job (based on merit alone) in his state (will have to conceal the name). He was well qualified and had some experience and the results to back it up. But the superiors asked for a bribe of 40 lakh. He refused. He then applied for the same position in the neighboring state and was hired and was not asked to pay any bribe.

    Now, if he had taken up the first offer by given bribe, how do you think he was going to recover his money back? Yes, by demanding bribe from others once takes up the job.

    There is no doubt in my mind the same thing goes on in the armed forces. People have to bribe officials to get jobs and the cycle goes on and on.

  4. One wrong cannot justify another , moreover everyone in the armed forces are not recruited on the basis of bribe . Corruption is deeprooted in our society and the armed forces is manned by people like you and me . If corruption has to be removed , it has to be removed from our society , not from a select few organizations . Having said that , I will also like to admit that I agee to the fact that every defense deal with a foreign vendor involves agents and paybacks , some are detected , some are not .

  5. @anonymous : For your kind information :
    Pilatus PC-7 HAS BEEN PROCURRED as HAL failed to to convince that they can deliver a viable platform within a fixed time frame and the existing platforms had to be grounded .Training of future Pilot's cannot stop.
    As far as change of SQR is concerned , it should be permitted once in three years to include most recent technology. The best solution would be to see that all acquisition take place within 24-36 months of freezing SQR

  6. lots of comments is here and there about Tejas it said 'nahi mama se to kana mama acha hai'(instead having no uncle it is better to have a one eyed uncle)thus we have least attained something are we all not responsible for where we are atleast give the ADA it due

  7. I think the policy of congress govt is how to become corrupt andtake bribe which should be made a law in india if congress govt is to be belived and if any indian who is in position to accept a bribe should must take it and repay the 50%to the govt so as to increase FDI in india AND for god's sake stop saying that tejas is an indigenious plane.It is an assembled plane with every important component on board of foreign origin.And the peoples who are blaming here iaf cheif for pilatus then let me remind them that it is the inability of hal which can not deliver a trainer on time due to which our rukkie pilots are getting trained in actual aircraft.I would also like to remind you that we are the only nation on this earth where rukkie pilots does not get a trainer which inturn not only reduces life of airframe and engine but also risk to the life of rukkie pilots.

  8. Sorry friend…please look at the time lines..HAL approached IAF to give clearance for making the basic trainer in 1999, 2003,2007 and 2009..and even today he is holding the file….can any one answer was he sleeping till then and waiting for PC7 to get selected…??
    They even had re engined the HPT to a 500 shp turbo prop engine and the project was HTT 34 and was certified and approved by the certification agency..why did IAF ignore it…
    and PC7 MKII selection is a 100% corruption case..let an independent agency check and tell…And before blaming HAL lets remember the HT2, HPT, Kiran, Krishak all came from their hangers..stop acting as an agent like all others…

  9. Yes this is true…they denied an equal opportunity to HAL and intentionally grounded the HPT fleet even after the recovery parachute being installed…
    There was a clear lobby which supported the swiss and is highly active….

  10. An IAF pilot was killed while flying solo in the HPT. HAL did not have the guts to give it in writing that it is a safe aircraft. And Recovery parachute? Are you joking? the pilot has to climb out of the cockpit and jump off from the wing with the parachute. should IAF trainee pilots be trained to jump off unreliable aircraft or to fight air wars? HAL is a huge bureaucracy. Nothing penetrates their thick heads since their jobs are always secure..no matter what.

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