First Glimpse: Lead Ship Of India’s Visakhapatnam-class Destroyers

Here’s Visakhapatnam, the first indigenously designed & built Project 15 Bravo destroyer. The hull will be launched Monday.

The Indian Navy put out this brochure on the P15 Bravo line today, which provides the first official parameters of the vessel.

10 thoughts on “First Glimpse: Lead Ship Of India’s Visakhapatnam-class Destroyers”

  1. Sir,

    It is quite heartening to know that she will be launched on Monday ? But then why MDL. will take another three/Four years to deliver ! MDL. has already delivered one P 15 A (Kolkata) class and other two are also near completion. So by this time "learning curve effect" should take place and MDL. should be able to deliver near sister vessels at much stringent time frame. Just for information most ship building nations like China, Japan generally takes only one/two years to commission after launching. We are going to take almost double. That is also on 4th vessel of the series !!

    1. 4 years?? You must be kidding…that'll be a lottery. INS Kolkata took 11 years. Welcome to the world of Indian defense PSUs. It'll be a wonder if this takes anything less than 6-7 years, what with the mandatory 3-4 years of delay liberally thrown in.

  2. China, Japan and other countries commission ship in a year or so..y is it so…y is mdl taking this long…great question..and it seems to be repeated…india purchases most of the equipments and machinery…even the engine..from outside world..we dont have make anything here…our purchase policy also adds to delay…but is it so in china and japan? they have factories/industries who manufactures equipments/machineries within themselves.. hoping that "make in india" movement gets the right response.i hope and pray to see a better india.

  3. The differences between P15A and P15B are very superficial. Is Govt of India or Indian Navy uncomfortable with the name "Kolkata"?

  4. The main issue with IOB, HAL & ADA is design freeze. After taking ToT from Russia, France they are scared until death to change/ improve anything due to contractual clauses

    hence, poor performance !! still will persist in Indian defense sector dominated by PSU (pronounced as PissU) !!

  5. Congratulations, India but you need to speed up your ship building pace. This is equivalent to China type 52 and they are building 2 per year.

  6. @ Anon 12:09

    Nope! I am serious. If then can launch a vessel within 18 months of keel laying then they can easily deliver the vessel within two years of launching !! Possible but need participation from everybody. Just FYI. Kolkata class took almost 4 years to launch.

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