FIRST PHOTOS: LCA Navy Makes Debut Flight

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22 thoughts on “FIRST PHOTOS: LCA Navy Makes Debut Flight”

  1. Damn!! All I can say is that she's a BEAUT'!! Clean Lines, gracious curves shes an elegant lady!! God bless India. May the gods guide the HAL to greater successes.

  2. SUPERB!! This is a tight slap on US Navy's face who was suggesting 8 months of total redesign of landing gear. But ADA went ahead and did it in 2 months with little changes to the gear. Well done DRDO!!

    Let's hope drunk retards in Armed forces don't kill this project again. Jai hind!

  3. Resembles the Gripen more than the AF version. This is one menacing looking bird! Go ADA/HAL. Takes a bow!

  4. Wonderful, now just wait for the IN to place a meaningful order to make it cost effective and have enough deck space to put it into service. God Speed! We need more of these indigenous flagship programs to succeed if we are to be taken seriously on the world stage

  5. "SUPERB!! This is a tight slap on US Navy's face who was suggesting 8 months of total redesign of landing gear."

    this was a landing on a land based airstrip,not a "controled crash", aka trap landing, on a carrier deck. there's a huge difference.

    let's not celebrated yet.

  6. Looks much more sexier than air force avtaar of lca.
    Hope it packs much more punch as well.
    It is certainly going to be a force multiplier and looking nice is never a sin.

  7. Congratulations to the DRDO and India for such a milestone !

    The Navy must now forget about the paper-tigers like Sea-Gripen and N-Rafale etc.

    The Navy must be persuaded to accept only N-Tejas and no foreign stuff.

  8. The still photos show that it appears more attractive (physically) than its airforce equivalent. However its been a week – wheres the videos of this aircrafts flight?


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