FIRST PHOTOS: Boeing Transfers 1st C-17 to Indian Air Force

12 thoughts on “FIRST PHOTOS: Boeing Transfers 1st C-17 to Indian Air Force”

  1. India needs 40 of these biggie. As always good business. Order an Ford class Aircraft supercarrier with E2D Advanced Hawkeye and F-35C lightning II. It will prove to be force multiplier. Indian Navy will have the power that none other navy has in Asia.

  2. Sense. I agree with your idea that India needs more powerful navy and army but it also needs political will power to use the power for projection abroad to further personal aims. Sadly political will power is lacking.

  3. Anon@10.10PM & @ 6.26 PM
    Yes political will is what we are lagging.
    It will cost around $10 billion half as our Rafale deal. But the power it adds is incomparable. We can get EA18G Growler,E-2D Hawkeye, F-35C Lightning II. USA already agreed to sell all these aircrafts as separate deals. We don't have to build a super carrier instead 70000-75000 tonne nuclear powered carrier with EMALS, will have the capability to hold 60 aircrafts, will be ideal for India. It will be a separate Carrier battle Group with 5 destroyers. Don't expect our INS vishal to be commissioned before 2027, we cannot get EMALS or neither operate this aircrafts from our own carrier. It will be a worth asset for us.

  4. IAF and the IN need to address their poor visual communications/branding. Just compare the attention to visual communication by Boeing in their podium vs the typeface on the aircraft.

    The typefaces on aircraft and ships don't signal attention to professional standards of design and have no coherent communications/branding strategy — is our typeface to communicate power/strength/vigilance or artisanship?. The semiotics of the typeface needs to be given due consideration. The typeface used on Tejas is a ceremonial calligraphic, semiotically connoting luxury, heritage etc.

    If the forces do not want to adhere to a western aesthetic standard, they can at least commission development of a typeface based on Hindi calligraphic styles that denotes their strategic vision.

  5. shame c27 is going to be blacklisted…………..that what we really need !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    may we can get Boeing to build them

  6. MR. KISHORE BUDHA . you must understant that hindi is not india's only language . there are pleanty of laguage and cultures present in India . our forces behave taking consideration of this too.

  7. Excellent 'on time to delivery' commitment from Boeing. Give great confidence to the IAF in knowing that they can focus on thier core activities, i.e.: defending India's Airspace; and companies like Boeing, deliver on timeline…in most case, way ahead of the delivery date.

    I think there needs to me a focsued shift from Russian suppliers to the American counterparts.

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