First “True” Impression of FGFA?

Lapel pins handed out at the just concluded MAKS-2009 air show at Zhukovsky had this aft cross-section of the Sukhoi T-50, the Indo-Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA, by Indian designation). RussiaToday quotes Sukhoi official as saying that the lapel pin is a cheap Chinese fake (“wait till they reverse engineer the PAK-FA, my friend!“), though other Russian officials apparently said this was an authentic depiction of the prototype and wind tunnel model. Since we’ve constantly been treated only to fantasy impressions and imaginary depictions, here’s something that’s out from Sukhoi itself.

Photo Copyright RussiaToday

17 thoughts on “First “True” Impression of FGFA?”

  1. @Vincent

    Well said. We don't have a AF we have a circus where every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to have sold us every shit, crap and junk. Our AF is still stuck in 60s and 80s, when the world is already in 90s and 2Ks.

    Planes from UK, Russia, France and probably USA. Missiles from Russia, Israel, US, France blah blah blah.

    We cannot build a jet Engine in 50 years (GTRE was formed in 1959) and our Late Combat Aircraft is a mess.
    Now we are putting another 11 billion $ to purchase another set of clowns from the market.

  2. hey vincent nice joke…….. but jokes apart if this is done by the chinese i mean the lapel then just think their interest in this project since india and Russian joint project is sponsered by both the countries …. the chinese will simply copy the details and create their own 5G fighter planes within 2 years … believe me they had done that earlier specially sukhoi – 30

  3. shiv
    why r u so desperate to show fgfa to us…why dont u just wait for the real picture..r u trying to be the best defence journalist of the world…plz wait…..posting some crap picture like this willnot help u and us…

  4. Folks ,

    1. Please ignore the fairy tale fighter . All this is pure time pass.

    2. Concentrate of the MMRCA and the LCA . Do not ignore the urgent need for an interim combat chopper.Cant another 40 units of Roovalik or Mi 28N be ordered immediately. Personally the two seater KA- 52 can be tried as an innovative measure.

    3. The Navy Mig 29Klub is being praised by all. If it is that good why not immediately order at least 3 squarderns of the land version to fill the Mig 21 and Mig 23 gap?

    3. An 32 needs replacement too . Can we suggest the immediate licence assembly/manufacture of the Spartan ? It is replacing AN 26 in many countries. Joint development with the Russians is silly under the circumstances.

    4. What has happened to the IJT ? No news. Secondly if the Brits are creating problems for the Hawk, the Italians ,Koreans and the Russians are waiting in the wings.

    3. One small question. You all saw the LCA in Bangalore.Is the LCA capable of matching the turning and manaevouring abilities of the F16 ? Just the point defense capabilities ?

    Thank You , all .

  5. @ Vincent: it's so nice to sit in your comfortable home and comment, especially when u know you cant say on face because if you did, someone like me will kick your ass so hard, you will know what it means, maybe ur some enemy countryman, and im happy u getting frustrated by your enemy's AF getting better, u can do no better than that though, just write what your lunatic mind processes, and guess what, ur one big jerk, and im even happier to know that you underestimate the IAF, that ways, its always better, ignore your enemy and be happy. if war comes, you will know, and so will we, now stop bragging like a lady of the house having nothing to do but comment.

  6. u beggar porkistanis,stop begging money from america to buy chinese aircrafts(even they r expensive for useless creatures) & do something on ur own with the god given brain ,if u have any

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