First Upgraded IAF Mirage 2000!

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20 thoughts on “First Upgraded IAF Mirage 2000!”

  1. another flying coffin in the making…as long as its maintained by HAL ..We all know what will happen during the war.

  2. What a criminal waste of foriegn exchange. I feel this upgrade of rest of the planes be smashed and get two planes upgraded in israel with israeli avionics and missiles.Lets have a comparison of these two upgrades.It is hightime to get the LCA MK2 assembled by the year end on war footing and make it fly by march and complete a computerised assembly line and start manufacting in huge numbers. A brand new LCA MK2 is costing less than mirage upgrade and its engine is atleast 2 generations ahead of snecma engine for rafale. It is high time to cancel the rafale deal as its upgrage after 7-8 years is going to cost more than 100 million $ a piece. How come 10 billion dollar contract becomes 20 billion and nobody it seems has problem with it.The LCA desiegn team has to listen to advice which i am giving totally free. The LCA wing edges need to be thinned , the body curves need to changed as per wave patterns and weight has to adjusted so that the front end has more weight and it flies straight rather than the system controling it so that the plane remains horizontal as this problem would cause flutter at high speeds.The most important is air intakes have to be redesiegned and must be atleast 10 % larger than the intakes of Grippen NG . The skin can have a thin film of nanomaterials in between the composite layers of the skin. The cockpit can be covered with gold film and the radome needs rediegning.The LCA is small and by adding stealth features it would be a dealy machine. The Fuel capacity can be doubled and range can be extended.India can buy atleast 60 F 35 which can go with mission with LCA the F 35 can paint and the LCA in cluster can kill. That would be a phenominal killing team. The effort should be put all resources to complete the LCA project. The fist 20 be MK1 which are single and twin seat trainers. Rest all be LCA MK2. Desiegn MK 3 with twin GE engine and internal weapons bay.The rafale is too expensive to buy , maintain and upgrade and would use up the HAL resources which it needs to put for LCA.


  3. I do not think that this pic shows a fully upgraded M2K-5.
    I cannot see the main 'visual' difference i.e. the chaff/decoy launchers that can be seen on every French M2K-5s.
    The launchers are supposed to be at the back of the wing roots where it is connected to the main fuselage body. Take a look at any pic of French M2K-5s or UAE -9s and you'll see the diff.

  4. Porkies have started giving advice on this forum. Rafale buy has already rattled the PAF. Along with upgraded mirage IAF will be a potent force to reckon with. PAF should not try any misadventures. SU 30 is not even in the picture.

  5. Taiwan gave up on upgrading Mirage 2000 and bought brand new F-16 because of expensive upgrade amount demanded by greedy French.
    Indian upgrade does not come with new engine so they will still fly with 30 year old ones and thus they will certainly fall from sky like the last 2.
    I think there is serious corruption in Politicos and IAF senior staff.
    Rafale should be cancelled immediately and put few billions into LCA Tejas and its successors..
    Also order some more squadrons of Mig-29K and Super Sukhois which are 4++…
    With sever economic crisis, it is foolish to still discussing about Rafale…

  6. Hi Shiv, the aircraft in the pic doesn't seem to have the same new Radome as the rest of the Dash-5, the Pitot tube is still located in the Radome and not in the tail like the other Mirage 2000-v and Mirage 2000-v MkII; will that happen later or doesn't that feature in the upgrade package? Is this the final aircraft which might be handed over later to IAF?


  7. Expensive as they may be ….these were the only fighters that could hit enemy bunkers the last time we went to war ! That's worth a few billion I'd presume.

  8. Anonymous at 10.33
    Agree with you, the FGFA for 35 billion is also expensive. We need to build ingenious capabilities. ?..

  9. The Mirage – 2000 upgrade is horribly expensive. Maybe the 2 billion dollar odd bill includes the entire cost of refit, spares and MRO for the next 15 years.
    Upgrades are fillers, to fill gaps due to delay in LCA, MMRCA. IAF is actually helpless.

    Mirage is a formidable platform. The high cost for upgrade is because we have so few of them. Their stellar performance in kargil makes them deserving of a upgrade. If we didnt go for the upgrade IAF would have been stranded with just the heavy Su30mki and no other major platform in the absence of MMRCA Rafale and LCA.

    The delay in signing the upgrade deal also escalated the costs.

  10. Gnats and mysteries won us 1965 war that does not make them worthy. To remain in service today. Mirages were good before 2000 but after that they are obsolete and no other country went for such expensive upgrade which costs more so like brand new Tejas MK 2 and the upgrade has a non AESA radar which in today's era is limited in its use and can easily be jammed and mirage has vintage engine with old same body and I don't see any reason to continue with that upgrade. It is waste of resources.


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