FLASH: Indo-Israeli LR-SAM Tested Against Flying Target

Indian MoD Statement: The Long Range Surface to Air Missile (LRSAM) is successfully flight tested against a flying target in a range in Israel, today. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel has carried out the test in the presence of DRDO scientists and officials of the Indian Armed Forces. The LRSAM system is jointly developed by DRDO and IAI Israel.

All the systems including the radar, communication launch systems and the missile system have performed as expected and hit the target directly and damaged. The system is developed for both Israel Defence Forces and Indian Armed Forces.
Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister Dr. Avinash Chander has witnessed the test along with President of IAI Mr. Joseph Weiss and other top officials of Israel Defence Forces. He termed the event as a milestone in the cooperation between two countries in developing advanced weapon systems.

5 thoughts on “FLASH: Indo-Israeli LR-SAM Tested Against Flying Target”

  1. What is the Indian element in this missile? Is it another export in the guise of "Joint Development" courtesy the Ministry of Defence, PMO and DRDO? Or is there any substantial Indian component to it?

  2. to K.R. Ravi,
    this "Joint Development" involves replacing some of Israel's components in Barak 8 with Indian components to make LRSAM. The two missiles are essentially the same and basically developed by
    Israel. The Indian components were developed to the specifications provided by the Israel. The Israelis even complained about DRDO demanding their tech beyond the basic component specifications that they were required to provide. They didnt need Indian r&d but needed our money, hence the "Joint Development" Ditto for Yakhunt/Brahmos.

  3. DRDO / RAFAEL Work Split


    Two Pulse Rocket Motor
    The rear controller
    Thrust Vector Control
    Folded Fins
    Pneumatic Actuation System (Failed)
    Safe & Arm for Rocket Motor


    Multi-function Phased Array Radar
    Missile Seeker
    The Front Controller
    Command electronic

  4. DRDO is involve din motor part for sure so there were delay to dispatch the missile motor to Israel due to some reason and stored in south korea.

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