Four Typhoons to premier at Aero India!

Four German Air Force Typhoon fighters will premier at Aero India this month at the Yelahanka Air Force Station outside Bangalore. Past Aero India’s have seen F-16s, F/A-18s, Gripens and a MiG-35/MiG-29OVT. This year, the Typhoons stand to be a huge pull! And they’re bringing four!

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  1. only the MiG 29’OVT and Su30 will be the huge pull at a airshow, can anyother aircraft ever be as graceful in the sky as these. Typhoons maneuvarablity can be compared to Mig 21. Rafale or MiG-35, are the only contenders in the MMRCA competition barring politican intervention.

  2. anon @ 8:38
    hey kid, have you seen a typhoon at a display? i bet u haven’t…..make sure u don’t miss this time…LMFAO!

    Mig-35 is not even worthy to be called a contender.period.

  3. shiv, we r expecting a detailed article from you today,regarding the rumors of a Indo-chino sub-warship stand-off off the Yemen coast…pls don’t disappoint us.

  4. shiv, we r expecting a detailed article from you today,regarding the rumors of a Indo-chino sub-warship stand-off off the Yemen coast…pls don’t disappoint us.

  5. I dont understand the price logic. Well we dint buy 2 MiG-23 in the early 1980’s for 1 Jaguar, did we ? Havent we just spent $1 billion for 6 transport aircraft. Now with EADS helping us sort out LCA, Typhoon may be a good bet !

  6. In wonder what these four aircraft will achieve as they’re not the latest standard Typhoons of the type being acquired by the Royal Saudi Air Force. Even the Block 52 F-16 coming to the expo won’t achieve much as they’re nowhere near to the F-16IN in terms of on-board mission avionics. Therefore, it looks like only the MiG-35 and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Block 2s will be at the expo fully fitted with the kind of avionics and sensors (like AESA) that have actually been proposed in their tender submissions.

  7. Come on if we can buy 6 beefed up transport aircraft for $1 billion, then we surely can do with the typhoon. With EADS now helping out us with the LCA…Typhoon could be a good choice. As for the MiG-35……Russian Air Force aint interested in it, then why should we. Think about it.

  8. Why are we making a fool of the nation by all this competetion nonsense . We need to replace the Mig 21 and in numbers – so simply

    1) If we are feeling adventurous , choose Mig 35 or F16

    2 ) If intelligent go for Rafale or Typhoons

    3 ) If sensible , induct Gripen immediately without much fanfare


  9. Last anon very true, which explains why Rafale doesnt need to showcase/publicise . Rafale and Gripen are gearing up for end-March trials which is why they rae not there.

  10. Hi Shiv,
    Just heard a exciting bit of news about standoff between 2 Chinese navy destroyers and 1 Indian sub.

    Chk these links:

    The source is chinese and rediff has just copied it.So take it with a pinch of salt and i hope u can throw some light on the incident.

    Bye n tc

  11. Why does the supposed IAF Phalcon in the pix look like the old ’70s spyplane, yet the Chilean Fuerza de Aereo owned (supplied by Israel) and Israel’s own Phalcon look like a Hippo? Obviously the nose mounted system is better isn’t it?Any ideas?

  12. [email protected]:00
    you call me a kid, alright but im a rhino…… the indra dhanush ’07, i had seen why typhoon is tax payers money gone down the drain(but english chaps are more graceful and methodical than americans and russians but not this aircraft).
    ive seen both f-16 and typhoon both of them dont meet the mark. India shouldnt even consider f-18, the australian airforce regrets buying it and the counterparts of shiv in australia have crucified them already. remaining 3 aircrafts really qualify as’MMRCA’. Even though gripen is similar to LCA its unique capablities make it intresting.

    it should be something like 126 of either rafale or MiG 35 whichever IAF considers fit after trails andconsidering the fact that the MiG 29s would be getting multi role capablity, or the serviceblity of Mirage 2000s. and another 80 of either the aircraft that wins the MMRCA or gripen if LCA doesnt make good process.

    If IAF considers typhoon or F-18, these dont come other Medium category, it should go for Sukhois instead, single engine Su35s, i prefer………its furstrating to be a backseater………:)

  13. and the MiG 35 not being a contender, the existing MiG 29 is superior in air to air capablity than all the western aircraft. so u can expect muck more now.

    never single out a single feature and decide which is superior. See the actual usablity of features in wars. Thats when aircrafts like MiG 29 and Mirage/rafael stand out.

  14. It actually makes no sense for an Indian Navy Type 877EKM Kilo-class SSK to follow the two PLA Navy destroyers all the way to the Horn of Africa when the Indian Navy already knew the disposition of the warships and their missions. If the sole objective of the SSK is to profile the warships’ acoustic signature, then this can easily done while the warships are either proceeding towards the Indian Ocean via the Bay of Bengal, or proceeding from the Indian Ocean to the Horn of Africa. A typical exercise of this nature would last no more than four to six hours. I’m now more inclined to believe that the SSK could have been an Iranian Kilo-class SSK that had a chance encounter with the PLA Navy warships. Afterall, that area has seen an increasing number of Iranian merchant vessel sightings, especially those suspected of carrying weapons stocks for Hamas via the Red Sea, crossing though the Suez Canal and disgorging their cargo consignments in Egyptian ports. That’s also probably why the PLA Navy has not yet confirmed the nationality of the Kilo-class SSK that it claims to have successfully identified and forced it to surface.

  15. to crewmaster @ 11.00AM

    how u came to know that mig35 is not worthy to b a contender and

    if this is true then gripen,f16 and f18 r also not worthy to be contenders.

  16. US forces other countries to buy their expensive military hardware that is main reason y rafale has not been sold but also US refuses to sell its latest hardware even to its friends

    just look at japan,australia,south korea,israel,turkey,singapore,
    canada. all these countries r not even allowed to buy except US military hardware

  17. @Prasunji/Shiv
    What’s your take on a destroyer spotting a Kilo/214/Scorpene..with ASW heli/fixed wing..?
    Is it game over for a sub or is there anything a sub can do except run..
    or can it run at all..I am just curious abt tactics in that scenario..

  18. Please to authorities to jump to order one or two ultra modern aircraft carrier constructed in Britain. The price tag not more than 1 billion dollors. Those 2 carriers prepared for England & France; but for limitations of defence expenditure the 2 countries would like India choose one. They are willing to sold to India. It's a opening discussion in their ministry. But our naughty politicians aided by untrustfull bureaucrcy officers sleep well in a 5 star room in a debrety condition to pick the oppotunity. Why the old one that will not survive more than 15 years

  19. Why we can't change the decision when the first option is unsuitable for our advantage.
    The gorkov plan must have been scrapped some times ago, for a new brand one Britain carrier with french support.

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