Full-time Blogging From End December

Was sorry to hear about another Sukhoi crash today near Jaisalmer. I’m away from work for the next three weeks (I just got married). Promise to try posting when I can, but like I said before, it won’t be anywhere near as regular as normal. Back in India late December, at which time, I’ll be back to hectic blogging as before. Take care, everybody, and stay tuned.

62 thoughts on “Full-time Blogging From End December”

  1. Hi Shiv,

    I religiously follow your blog everyday. My first ever post here. Its sad that you are not posting regularly. But hey Congrats about your marriage! Hope to read lots of new articles from you soon in december!

  2. Congratulation,, Wish you both have great life ahead.. We have seen phtoes of Indian defence what about your marraige phtoes.. waiting for that.. once againWish you both have great life ahead…..

  3. Congratulations on your Marriage. Wish you a long, happy, successful and fruitful married life.

    Upload marriage pics in due course as well :).

  4. No surprises that another Sukhoi crashed. With typical slum type infrastructure and questionable quality of maintenance personnel it is a miracle we haven't had more crashes in IAF.

    IAF needs to be stricter about its training in mx department. Quality people will only come when you increase the basic pay, otherwise they will go to private sector all the time.

  5. Congratulations Shiv! Have a happy honeymoon and come back refreshed and with more dynamism. Still waiting for a comprehensive report about the LCA's current status. All the best to you and mrs. Take care.

  6. Shiv -You're the guy who is got to take care. After all you're the one who just got married! LOL INJOY & ALL THE BEST

  7. Congratulations to you Shiv!

    Wish you and your wife a very happy and prosperous life ahead.


    p.s: Sad we lost Sukhoi, but atleast the piolets were safe.

  8. congratulations on your marriage..i am so pleased to hear about it..please post some marriage pics..i am a fan of yours and have been following your blog for 3 years now..rarely do i post comments..but i am very happy to hear you have tied up the knot..i wish you a very happy, prosperous and fulfilling married life..warm wishes Kunal Kaistha L.

  9. congrats shiv enjoy a happy married life.
    According to our intelligence agences chinks are constructing 27 airstrips in Tibet region. can't
    understand why r they doing this coz IAF is busy in increasing their crash rate,they have no time to think abt PLA air force

  10. Hi Shiv, Wish you a happy married life! You have a great blog going and I have been following it for 2 years now. Keep up the good work!! God bless!!

  11. Hey Shiv!
    I KNeeewwww IT!!! When you'd said that you won't be blogging for a while….
    No defence journo ever vanishes like that… 🙂

    So who's the girl dude?! B-)
    Your old girlfriend?! 😉
    Don't tell me your mom found you some new delhi sweetheart… (I expect better than that from you Shiv.. :-D)
    Do post a pic or two of yours on your blog.. shall be much appreciated…

    Love n Regards,
    Warrior Buddha

    ps: Oh! I completely forgot to wish you a super happy married life… 🙂
    pps: May your life rock like you rock defence journalism…

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