HAL Articulates MMRCA Challenges

It is well known that there have been hiccups in contract negotiations with Dassault Aviation for the Rafale as far as technology transfer to HAL is concerned. Last week, HAL chairman R.K. Tyagi touched upon some of those challenges in his presentation at the Aero India 2013 seminar. The two slides you see above are from that presentation. The first slide gives you the first real sense of just how big a challenge HAL is viewing the MMRCA license build as.
The second slide provides a sense of the technologies that HAL feels will accrue to itself and partner private sector companies through the transfer of technology process. Last week, IAF chief Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne had said that HAL would be lead integrator of the license-produced MMRCA aircraft in India, no matter what other partherships Dassault established inside or outside the country as far as kits and assemblies were concerned.

4 thoughts on “HAL Articulates MMRCA Challenges”

  1. Finally, the truth straight from the horse's mouth…a confirmation that HAL does not and will not have the capability to support a huge venture like the MMRCA development. It's a shame that the Indian Govt insists on HAL's monopoly which is surely a detriment to the future of the Indian Armed forces. The BrahMos venture is a good example of a private enterprise that can deliver the goods

  2. To be honest…HAL alone can handle it…the frenchies will take us for a ride…a big one and this time with the ambani bros and Mr Barbora there….just look at the mirage upgrade and a scam is cooking…

    HAWK, JAGS, SU 30s , Mig 21s…HAL has delivered these complex machines and will do it for the MMRCA as well…
    great presentation Tyagi sahab and some real nerves shown…

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