Hi-rez Photo Of IAF’s 3rd C-17 Headed For India

14 thoughts on “Hi-rez Photo Of IAF’s 3rd C-17 Headed For India”

  1. Anonymous @ 11:52 PM – scroll down the page to the LCA pix & compare ! Otherwise beautiful pix of our workhorse.

  2. Anonymous @ 8:04 PM

    The fin flash on the C-17 is just right. The
    Tejas image you are referring to is 180 deg reversed (nose pointing right) vis-a-vis the C-17. That's probably what got you confused my friend !

  3. this may sound a little silly but may i ask a question to anyone who know's the answer !

    Why any Defense deal with USA is kinda Fast, i mean we make deal, there are no corruption or bribery allegations,
    deal is clean and deliveries ON or before TIME

    India already has 6 C-130j delivered ,

    its been not more than 2 months and third C-17 is on the way home, another 2 to come this year….

    IF MMRCA Deal would have been done with any american giant,won't the fighters delivered in the pace,,,,

    I mean that is what india need at this stage… Quick deliveries

    Greetings To IAF, may the MMRCA finalize in this Year…..

  4. search for zhukovsky Airport in Google maps and what you will see is simply marvellous

    the most latest view of airport hosting MAKS 2013….

    you will be able to see all aircrafts in airshow

    Posted 28 Aug 2013

  5. Just another glowing example of the Americans delivering – on time and on budget!

    Hopefully HAL & DRDO will learn something from the Yankees….

  6. was just going through India- Russia Relations on wikipedia

    it is mentioned there that India Has 4 Tu-44 On Order

    Can you confirm ?????

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