Hunt Begins For Aircraft Platform For Indian Coastguard’s New Eyes

Let’s face it. The trusty Do-228 can only do so much, and the Indian Coastguard knows it. Given how much it’s got on its plate, this is probably a good time to decide that it needs more. Thankfully, it already has.

India is looking to choose a new aircraft platform for the Coastguard’s requirement of 19 multi-mission maritime aircraft, a broad requirement that has been known for a while, but now down to numbers and specifics. The Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS), has sent out a global request for information to international airframers to pitch suitably modified aircraft for the officially titled Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMMA).

According to the CABS request for information, “The initial requirement is for 6 certified and modified aircraft. Another 3 aircrafts are envisaged in Phase II and shall be under option clause. The future requirement is for another 10 such aircrafts.”
The CABS laboratory appears to be an integrator, more than a lead developer on the platform. It has floated tenders for the platform’s intended maritime patrol radar and electro-optic system/infrared (EO/IR) suite, in addition to a pollution surveillance suite.
The officially listed roles for the proposed aircraft platform include maritime surveillance and interdiction, search and rescue, cargo and personnel transportation, air ambulance and pollution surveillance.
CABS is currently steeped in the flight and systems testing on the Embraer-CABS AEW&C platform in Bangalore. The RFI for the MMMA does not specify the kind of aircraft CABS is looking for. Does Embraer have a presumable advantage?

14 thoughts on “Hunt Begins For Aircraft Platform For Indian Coastguard’s New Eyes”

  1. The EM-145 is a turbojet plane and I believe the Coastgurad would be interested in a turboprop plane.

    If you are looking for Embraer, then their EMB 120 would fit the bill. It's parameters more than exceed those of the Dornier 228. Other noteable turboprops are ATR42, CASA CN-235 and the Beechcraft 1900.

  2. The RFI we know but what we want to know is whether the terms are skewed to eliminate some aircraft. it again seems like the terms are so high that only a couple of competitors will be there.

  3. There is also an IAF requirement for medium sized transport aircraft, The coast gaur should use either this or embraer platform. We as nation are not rich to maintain so many platforms.

  4. Navy's choice to go for turboprops instead of jet seems to be logical,

    well then there isn't much to decide

    EADS CASA – 295 or C-127j spartan is best option…

    these airplanes can also be considered for HS-748

    single platform IAF and IN HAPPY

    problem solved……….

  5. C-295/C-27J is buying a Swiss Army knife when you need a screwdriver. The coast guard should stay away from consolidating their order with the IAF/MOD; they'll never get their aircraft.

    An aircraft with max seating of 20 is size enough for the coast guard requirement. Commonality with civilian aircraft will drastically bring down maintenance costs & training. Being pseudo-military, the equipment on-board is not national security sensitive. Buying the right size aircraft will keep fuel costs down allowing the coast guard to have their birds in the air for more time.

  6. I believe the Navy should stick with DRDO AWE&CS and not go for turbo props. But first DRDO must deliver the first of the three to Air Force. What is the stat of the project? Can you throw some light on that?
    Thanking you in advance.

  7. Can someone tell the deference ministry not to complicate things for the air force, Navy and the coast guard by bringing multiple types of aircraft for almost the same kind of role.The coast guard should be given the same embarer platform as the air force, as it will be operating it from fixed runways and not from mobile platforms, therefore the tourbo jet or tourbo prop does not matter.

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