FIRST IMAGES: IAF An-32 Lands At Nyoma, Ladakh

Photos Courtesy DPR Defence / Indian Air Force

13 thoughts on “FIRST IMAGES: IAF An-32 Lands At Nyoma, Ladakh”

  1. Throw one air defence system and add few artilerry along with half a squad of Mig-21 for point air defence and ground attack.Bingo.

  2. Anonymous @ 7:17PM

    The servicemen are both from the Army and the Air Force. Some of them are in their flying suits; others are in their normal uniforms.

  3. The Plane on the runway coming from the mountain reminds of the scenes of Laskhya movie when it starts.

    We should be having some air force planes deploy on that air strip for safety and negating threats.

  4. The plan for Mongolian IAF base to keep near to Beijing has been dropped by indian govt .

    What a great move , Indian foreign policy is awesome can't even matched by US also .
    Even though china encircled india by its nuclear submarine fleet , India seems to be cool & very busy enough in local politics .

  5. Air strip in nyoma good but not enough to scare chinese.
    Govt. shelved plan of IAF base in Mongolia.Air base in Tajikistan is also really not operational in the military sense & there r no indian aircraft stationed there…
    I think our foreign ministry babus r afraid of china they r doing nothing to stop china continuing with its strategy to encircle new delhi with a series of ports in countries neighbouring india.

  6. Russia will never agree for Mongolia to host Indian planes, since it draws attention to Russian use of Mongolia as a buffer with the Chinese border.

    Stop dreaming.

  7. Russia will, it will do , if india really try , but indian Govt is not willing to try for it. India 's foreign policy seems to be poor . including Russia every country have some expectations , india need to be more closer to give large continues orders in defense / business . US also supported india in civil nuclear deal , to get massive business from india .

    According to my knowledge the first and only president of US has done a small really a good thing for india's future is Bush ( civil nuclear deal ), but he didn't offered this type of deal to his infamous crying terrorist child pakistan , so pakis could understand the difference between buying & begging .

    Even China directly and indirectly tried to stop this deal.
    now india has the possibility to get uranium / civil nuclear tech form other countries .

  8. We dont have sectioned strength of planes in our inventory. Why to scatter our resources in rest of the world, when we are naked in our own home? IMO a very sesible decision as of now. Thing might change after LCA, when we can build planes are required or build enough in advance.

  9. Good development this. Hope one day that this airport will handle civilian traffic too.

    This airstrip is only a few meters from the Leh-Mahe-Nyoma-Taggar (Loma Bend)-Dungti-Fukche (another airstrip there)-Demchog (Border). On that day there were a thousand + spectators to see this stirring sight.

    Romesh Bhattacharji

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