IAF C-17 Flies Inf Battalion Troops To Port Blair

IAF Statement: Having touched down on Indian soil on 18 Jun 2013, the IAF’s latest acquisition C-17 Globemaster-III made its maiden flight to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands on 30 Jun 2013.  Climbing an altitude of 28,000 feet with an unrefueled range of 2400 nautical miles, the aircraft landed at Port Blair to induct the rotational infantry battalion into the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

12 thoughts on “IAF C-17 Flies Inf Battalion Troops To Port Blair”

  1. The aircraft can carry only about 160 soldiers. So I am wondering how did it carry the whole battalion for rotational induction?

    Or… the post needs further editing?

  2. There is something about American marketing which is absolutely stunning. The C17 makes one flight- it is news, why?

    The C130 makes one landing during the Uttarakhand floods-it is front page news. The Mi17V5 makes countless sorties, as does the Dhruv-no news. But we do get to hear that the Chinook would have been perfect for the rescue operations, even though we do not operate it and we get powerpoint slides to prove why it would have been perfect.

    Another factor to consider-the American vendors (Boeing/Lockheed) keep inviting defence journos to US for fully paid trips/visiting their factories/sightseeing. The Russian (Sukhoi/MiL) vendors don't? We also do not know what else is included in the fully paid trips.

    Now is the media focus/attention a Coincidence?


    Oh yes, how was the inflight service during the C17 flight?

  3. @anonymous 3:38PM


    1.Our batallions have been resized to reinforced companies.
    2.You can seat 158,the rest can stand of course based on rank.

    Jokes apart it is good to see IAF confidence in this aircraft in being put to use so expeditiously following induction.

    The statement is probably referring to one sortie in an effort involving possibly multiple aircraft or multiple sorties.

  4. Oh it simply means IAF needs five of those air crafts to induct one battalion fully equipped minus vehicles from Delhi to A&N…

    That is a good capability. Is not it ..??

  5. Someone above commented about c17 appearing in news too frequently. I'm glad i wasn't the only one who noticed this.

  6. Dear Shiv
    I have been regular reader of your blog and big time fan of what you do…..but from past few days or i shall say from past few blogs i is quit clear that your pen is not inked by news but something else….blog and reports are more inclined towards certain block……..

  7. By the way, when the normal price of C-17 is about 250 million each (even less), why are they being sold to India on a jacked up price?

    Even after 3.8% service fee of the US government,included in the FMS, a contract for 10 C-17 should be not more than $2.6 billion. They why is India paying $4.1 billion (18,600 crore rupee)?

  8. Dunno what all the bellyaching is about!!!

    Our forces are finally getting a world class piece of kit and still there are people finding reasons to crib.

    As to the cost quoting experts total costs do not directly translate as unit cost x number of units. You have to add the spares,training,operating infrastructure,maintenance infrastructure….costs.

    As to those turning green over defense journos getting invited by western defense companies; do any of you seriously think that journalists influence the final deals??

    As far as I see a person is free to post what s/he feels like. And I guess those who are going to raise a fuss just to make themselves feel important cant really help themselves.

    Shiv your blog is a great service to all us readers. Keep it up and keep 'em coming.

    Just don't leave us hanging for long, some of us end up checking for updated pages multiple times a day.

  9. It seems like an urgent testing/trial of some fighter plane is going on Bangalore skies these days. The plane looks like F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, but for sure it is NOT Tejus(Tejus is very common to Bangalore skies, and can easily id.) Even in early morning and around night at 8:30 I can hear the sound of fighter flying. Any idea Shiv what is going on?

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