3D Simulation Of IAF Pilot's MiG-21 Crash

Apropos my report a few days ago on the ongoing court case by IAF pilot Wing Commander Sanjeet Kaila against HAL and the MoD, here’s a copy of a 3D video to demonstrate how the accident took place.

7 thoughts on “3D Simulation Of IAF Pilot's MiG-21 Crash”

  1. How can HAL absorb high end technology of rafale if the finalization takes place. Such poor workmanship. All kudos to pilot for saving the village from destruction.

  2. Are our courts so insensitive that our brave pilots have to give animated details of the ill fated flights? Shouldn't they accept only their written account of things. Why the bosses of air force are giving their brave pilots this ordeal and humiliation?

  3. It is tru that people sign up for the forces, fully aware of the danger to life and that cannot be the basis for compensation. But it needs to be understood that the danger essentially stems from enemy action, cimatic conditions and operating environment.

    The reason certainly does not include poor workmanship of a monopolistic behemoth.

    The Government should heed to this and take HAL to task rather than shield it.

  4. How can HAL be blamed for "poor workmanship" of a decades old poorly maintained jet being flown decades after it's expiry date?

  5. Just in case, just by looking at this incident and the way it is dealt, potential future pilots loose confidence on government and HAL and back out from becoming pilots will there be any use government spending billions of dollors on new fighters. Without pilots these new planes would of exhibition items right.

  6. With less RND funds allotted to HAL this is what IAF will get. Lack of will of government / MOD for not doing any thing for self reliance is the main cause of such accident.
    Still we cant develop infrastructure for home ground weapons. Even tejas was good long time back still IAF wants for foreign stuff. If you cannot develop ur own stuff dont use it. We need some sanctions for developent (e.g. GSLV, ISRO) or some war (like kargil, birth of tejas). We cannot use our brain neither we cannot forecast and decide what we actually want. Bad decision by IAF / MOD / HAL and some poor guy has to pay. Good going.

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