India To Test 5,500-km Agni-V Ballistic Missile On Sunday

The second test of India’s 5,500+ km range Agni-V ballistic missile is scheduled for Sunday, Sept 15 from Wheeler Island in the Bay of Bengal. This will be the second test of India’s longest range strategic nuclear-capable weapon after its debut test on April 19 last year. Top sources tell me the Agni-V will be tested in a cannisterised configuration in December.

6 thoughts on “India To Test 5,500-km Agni-V Ballistic Missile On Sunday”

  1. Right step in right direction, may be DRDO should put their impetus on MIRV equipped China killer which will further add teeth to a Missile and provide a robust detterence

  2. ok i guess that is a appropriate engineers day but they should signify it.

    I mean the worlds perception towards India is becoming of that of a country of supernerds barreling to its place in the world.

  3. DRDO should go for 10000 Km to 16000 KM range ICBMs and SLBMS now enough of IRBMS.
    10000+ ICBM will be the real test of rocketry and navigation systems.

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