Indian Army Says Its New Artillery Chief “Spearheaded Artillery Modernisation”. Well, Now For His Real Test.

A press release today introducing the Army’s new Director General Artillery, said the officer in question, Lt Gen Vinod Nayanar (Left in photo) “Spearheaded the modernization of Artillery and was instrumental in given impetus to several acquisition (sic) of new generation equipment.” It’s only too well known just how cursed and decrepit India’s artillery modernisation plan has been since the late 1980s, with absolutely no induction of new field artillery and ad hoc upgrades of select existing gun batteries. Not entirely sure what fantastic modernisation the new Lt Gen has “spearheaded”, but he sure has his task cut out. And in typically grandiose style, it’s called Artillery Vision 2027, a 17-year rationalisation plan that was formulated under former Army chief Gen Deepak Kapoor, a gunner himself.

Lt Gen Nayanar has an unenviable task ahead of him, and it was summed up well by the man he replaces, Lt Gen KR Rao, in a speech in May: “The induction of 155mm/52 Cal guns, Ultra Light Howitzer, Wheeled and Tracked SP guns are not following the desired pace. But, are we not late vis-à-vis other modern Artilleries? Take example of Smerch that has been in service in Russia since 1990 and we are still inducting it in our Army. The so called modern weapons are, infact, already in the process of replacement in developed countries, whereas we, in some cases are still working on the road map. Such a state is disturbing and most unwarranted, and merits urgent rectification.

Lt Gen Nayanar faces an obtuse political system that will not listen to operational logic or reason. In many ways, he has the Army’s worst job. What he does have is a straight-talking Chief, who has the guts to speak his mind and look directly at the interests of his men. Let’s hope both men emerge stronger than all of their predecessors. Our gunners deserve that.

17 thoughts on “Indian Army Says Its New Artillery Chief “Spearheaded Artillery Modernisation”. Well, Now For His Real Test.”

  1. SMERCH is not being retired anywhere infact its being upgraded.Venezuela even purchased recently so this is disinformation the only western competitor is the US M270 though many users are retiring it.

  2. What about Brahmos, Mr.Rao which army got such capability? None. Good. So telling that Indian Army is so backward is not entirely correct. What about Pinaka, it's said to be a very good system with excellent accuracy. So why not try for something of a modern version of Pinaka-II with 300mm missiles and that has better accuracy and range than any Smerch. Why have the Army not thought about it. DRDO which already has the experience in the development of Pinaka-1 can provide the Pinaka-II at a much faster rate. Also hopes that the indigenous artillery gun will be made with the full cooperation of the Indian Army within the shortest possible time.

  3. Hopes that the rectification comes from the Army itself. Learn something from the Naval guys. They got the best systems in the world today. Stealth ships being build. Ships with supersonice cruise missile which even the U.S has not got. Aircraft carriers being built at Cochin. Nuclear subs being built in India. All this after a lot of effort being put into indigenous development. The army which is purchasing for so long is still behind and will remain behind if this attitude towards indigenous development is not taken up. So stop crying and start building things that the Army wants and be a builders army that builds bullets to Ballistic missiles indegenously according to it's requirement rather than to foreign

  4. See this damning report!

    "An indigenous MIC would also go against the interests of that other invisible power broker — the arms dealers lobby, which greases palms at every level of decision making. It's thought that on average, 5% commission is paid on every defence deal. That would mean a few hundred crores for a deal worth, say, $2 billion. “If the Indian private sector were to become system integrators and major players in the defence sector these middlemen would have no role,” points out a senior executive with a major private sector firm. "

    See our politicians making money at the expense of our great nation. Down with them, may they rot in hell for eternity

  5. You DRDO military experts are sick in your mind and appraoch selectively quoting from TIO report on para and missing the woods for the forest.

    So DRDO want Indian Army to Kill flies with Brahmos produced by Russians? they want to breakup enemy attacking own position at 200 yards with Brahmos and Pinakas? That is height of ignorance and cocphony! That is why your solutions are so cockeyed.

    OK, even if possible what will be the cost? DRDO will pay for it?

    How many 155 mm shells can be fired at the cost of Brahmos when it is not possible for Brhmos to achieve any thing that a shell of 155 can achieve?

    Stop doctrinating the Army, you fools. Remain in your cosy labs and offices guzzling tax payers money and bulding mansions in competition with Rashtrpati Bhawan.

    Stop buying Journalists with your unauditted and unaccounted money ! Do some think scietific on your computers rather than taeching Army tactics. Your systems that way will never be accepted.

  6. India has enough artillery

    Why is it always ASSUMED that ALL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE in this country are OUTSIDE the GOVERNMENT.


    INDIA has a very powerful army.

  7. pankaj, i feel that you are one of those people in one of those organisations. you keep posting the same thing in all blogs. The fact that DRDO cant manufacture many single things proves that they are just like any other PSU with no solid incentive.

  8. @Pankaj and Others
    India has enough artillery

    You mean to say Indian Army's projection for such a requirement which went through so many stages and examined for so amny years and even trails were carried out was a farse and a stupidity !!

    MoD was also stupid to have accepted necessity for so many years and reached tendring stages many times !

    Suddenly, DRDO has become the inventor and producer? By causing such a setback, do you think you all will succeed. You are fools..

    Only Pankaj, MoD and DRDO people are smart, all others are fools. This is what exactly is called interference in professional spheres and bulding empire even at the cost of natioanl imperatives.

  9. Ok friends, What I feel that we need more and more CONDOMS rather than canons.The root of all stagnation in development and poverty is uncontrollable population explosion.We have crossed 120 crores and if this trend continue India will be fragmented in few decades or so.Around 55% of our population are hopelessly poor and their condition perhaps worse than sub-Saharan nations.The condoms(high Quality)should be made to sold in a very easy way and other measures to ensure a single couple to have only one issue.A China type measurement of economic punishment will be prudent.PLEASE THINK THE WHOLE THING-THE REAL THREAT and comment.

  10. I've to agree with Pankaj.

    I wouldn't say India has enough Artillery but it is okay to just have whatever we got.

    Media created this Artillery hype. Wars cannot be won just with Artillery.

    People make the mistake of thinking that future wars will be limited in nature like Kargil. Very wrong assumption.

    Since China has 14000 artillery pieces, does not mean that India also should have it. India is very strong in other areas of military.

    From naval blockade to network centric and asymmetric warfares will be the future course of action. Who cares about Artillery? Certainly not the smart ones.

  11. I believe that CONTINUOS AND RELENTLESS criticism is meaning less.

    As citizens we have every right to express our concerns and ask questions.

    But we must have faith in the government.

    There is a SACRED TRUST that MOST people in INDIA have ,that the Government and Armed forces will look after the security of the country.

    BUT bloggers feel that they are the ONLY PATRIOTIC PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY

  12. Another ill informed expert.!!

    However, I am glad people take interest in military affairs.

    Today they are wrong, tommorrow they will be right!

    I will take it that way. India has enough artillary in numbers or in capabilities ? Compare it with neighbours and adversaries.

    Otherwise India has enough dandas to fight with. The plan is Artillary Modernisation Plan and not merely Acquisition Plan. OK

    Indian Army today needs deep and heavy fires

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