26 thoughts on “Indian Mag Puts J-20 On Its Cover”

  1. hmmm…..So now even the experts conclude the Tejas is not a 4th Gen aircraft. Ofcourse the fanboys would make you believe it's an epic achievement.

  2. J 20 will not be a real threat for another 10 years.
    Even then one can ask oneself if China will have the sensors to give J20 a real system integration so it can make a big difference. The future of air warfare lies in system integration between aircraft, missiles and radarsurveillance.
    Whit new radars and long range self guided missiles i do not think that J20 will be a superior machine.

  3. We should NOT waste too much time in FGFA .Instead get 100 PAK FA First

    Then think of FGFA

    Anyway Russian and Indian Engineers will NOT SLEEP WELL till PAK FA is operationalised.

    It is good for India.

    All dilly dallying and Protracted discussions and negotiations NOW FLY OUT of The window .

    The Focus,DEDICATION,DETERMINATION will be much more now

  4. It seems the author made some serious leap of faith in the article.Never heard from IAF that Tejas FBW system is faulty. Hering for 1st time.
    What surprises me is that the J-20 is years away from deployment.People are touting it as the ultimate fighting m/c.Who gave them that idea when it has just done a 10 mins sortie.

    As usual we Indians start shouting when we see something Videshi.If the this flight would have been done by India, I am sure that these experts would be writing it off by telling that it will never fly for combat.

  5. With a number of hi-res spotter pics around, you'd have expected them to come up with a reasonably accurate artwork.

  6. The DRDO fellows are hogwashing on Tejas by ensuring paid interviews in all papers. Touting it as achivement of Millianum.

    Khoda Pahar Nikali Chuhiya

  7. It took DRDO/HAL about 27 years to make a crude aircraft – Tejas.

    I can't even imagine how long will it take for them to make the AMCA, maybe they will get IOC for it when the rest of the world moves on to 6th Generation aircraft.

  8. Well my friend…when u start doing something from the scratch and develop it to the State of Art level…this "Khoda Pahar Nikali Chuhiya"..always happens!!!!….Just try an elimantary thing of capturing an object over commercially available ccd camera and write the algorithm to distinguish it from other nearly similar object and pick it up with a SCARA robotic arm…and place it on different bins….and the object should be moving in a belt conveyor with 1.5 Mtrs/s…..just let me know what should be the shutter speed / grab frequency of the ccd camera to have a homogeneous image to capture the moving object as a single un-blurred image with sharp contours…..that should let u know what ur worth off!!!!!!!!..just remember ..a HOMOGENEOUS image is needed…so much for the technically challenged….

  9. Apparently the writers of this article are children who don't understand what "Quadruplex" FBW means. What else is there to say about such childishly written articles ?

  10. @Ark Angel
    Way to go man….speak on. They took Tibet and now when they take Delhi they(the Baboos) will get the AMCA. There is no one in control in Delhi!Unless the educated youth of India take over, India is doomed. One question that I have is, if Russia is helping the Chinese with the CHENGDU then why is India buying or building the PAK-FGFA with the same 'good' Russians? I just don't understand the logic.

  11. Pakistanis with their 4th gen J-17 are one generation ahead of our 3rd gen Tejas. Corruptions has again eaten at progress.

  12. Anonymous at 1:40 shared a link. A quote from that link:

    "Thompson and others used the Cope India example as an argument in favour of buying F-22s to replace the roughly 400 F-15s. Few revised their opinions when it came to light that the US pilots had apparently flown over India under restrictions—that is, using deliberately inferior tactics—meant to even the odds for the Indians and make the training fairer. As a result, the Cope India incident marked the birth of a theme—that America could no longer reliably win battles in the sky. "

    Anyone has any idea about this? Seems at odds when we constantly read about how good the MKI was in RedFlag and other exercises.

  13. Here's some clarification –

    1-Tejas is a 4 gen fighter, no doubt about it. The comment was simply that at that time not all system were implemented. They issued the clarification immediately. Also, India made it from scratch instead of reverse engineering of Migs by China.

    2-The minimum time for the induction of J-20 is 9-10 years i.e. it won't join the forces before 2020. By then India will have its own FGFA.

    2-In the F-22 nozzles can move, ‘vectoring’ the engine thrust to boost manoeuvrability. The T-50 can pull the same vectoring trick with its round nozzles. The apparent absence of stealthy nozzles and thrust-vectoring places a hard limit on the J-20’s ability to evade radar detection from behind.

    In recent years, AL-31F engines imported from Russia have powered all successful Chinese fighters. When relations with Russia soured in the middle of the last decade, Beijing tried to copy the AL-31F as the so-called ‘WS-10’—but consistently failed. This slowed production of Chinese fighters, themselves mostly low-grade copies of Russian designs.
    (from 'China's
    overhyped stealth jet' article in The diplomat)

  14. The author has no knowledge of aircrafts and stealth, what more i can say. Calling Tejas 3rd generation and Kaveri engine as failure. Even a online fanboy can write better article than this. He is comparing Chinese defence industry with USA…..lol……. USA is ahead of China by more than 3 decades. He is confused between looks and stealth. Its better that these kind of peoples are not in defence or research industries.

  15. When the Tejas will be ready… It will definitely be a 4.5 gen aircraft
    @those calling it a 3rd generation aircraft:: It is easy to sit back and do commentary. The funding for Tejas started after 1993 (check it on the net) and the first operational model was ready by 2001. So, i call it a very fast development in case of airframe…
    While USA is still dependent on F-16's who airframe was developed 30 years ago…This proves that it is very difficult to make a airframe…
    We should appreciate the work done by our scientists and raise their moral rather than giving negative comments like the Great Indian Media….

  16. @ All those who are giving negative comments on Tejas' development…
    Tejas has just got IOC and not FOC, which means that it is in final stages of development and so it is inappropriate to give a generation tag to it right now..But i am sure when it will come out it will be a 4.5 generation aircraft….
    The development period of Tejas is 17 years rather than 27 years as the funding from the Government started after 1993 and the first model was rolled out in 2001, which means that India developed an airframe in 7 years while USA is still dependent on F-16's whose airframe was developed 30 years ago.. I hope it gives everyone an idea how difficult it is to develop an aircraft and how easy it is to pass comments…

  17. Gr8…. this is a hard wish to come true … but I truly want this chinese stealth jet to visit the AEROINDIA show next month near Bangalore… wouldn't that be shocking the IAF and our BABU's !!!

  18. Gr8…. this is a hard wish to come true … but I truly want this chinese stealth jet to visit the AEROINDIA show next month near Bangalore… wouldn't that be shocking the IAF and our BABU's !!!

  19. ADA and IAF must have a different definition of IOC, different from the one used in west.

    In U.S.A, a new type of a/c archives IOC only after certain numbers of that model have been delivered and operated by USAF for some time and can be used for combat in certain capacity by the user.

    But, in case of Tejas, it seems that the IOC was declared even before the actual delivery to IAF has started. So the Indian IOC may just mean the end of flight test to some extent. The Tejas, in its current form, has not been proven suitable for combat — this will only happen after IAF has operated it for some time.

  20. When the Chinese come to Delhi then you all can argue and post commentary as much as you want, but the time will be gone. The point is that the educated ARE currently running India and doing an AWFUL job at it. ALL your cabinet members are WELL-EDUCATED; your MP's are well-educated; your ministerial Secretaries are among the most brilliant of India — and yet India is languishing in the world scheme of things! You'd all better wake up and realize that God doesn't appear to have a plan for India, except to give it in to slavery once again!

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