Indian Missile Shield Ready: DRDO Chief

India’s two-layered anti-missile shield is ready for induction, and deployment for defence of the national capital, DRDO chief V.K. Saraswat has said in a television interview to The Indian Express editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta. The system, which comprises an exo-atmospheric interceptor PAD and endo-atmospheric interceptor AAD (in photo) has often been put on-par with the Patriot PAC-3 by the DRDO leadership.

The DRDO began testing its anti-missile system in November 2006 with an unannounced test (I remember being in Egypt at the time, and reading about it online from a cyber cafe in Aswan).

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Schematics of India’s layered missile defence system

14 thoughts on “Indian Missile Shield Ready: DRDO Chief”

  1. The missile shields success rate is very much like that of gambling. Even the US Patriot is not 100% successful in destroying any incoming missile.

  2. Fantastic news! India has now joined the exclusive club of countries having Anti Ballistic Missile Defence of their own, ie, US, Russia and Israel, and is now far ahead of China in this field. Hearty congratulations to Saraswat and his DRDO team. DRDO is now taking quantum technology jumps! Great for India!

  3. Great Achivement but we must deploy it in fast pace not only in delhi but atleast all business hubs like Mumbai, Gujrat and banglore.Also these needs to be further tested with all possible attack scenarios.
    I have some srious doubts about success of this system in real war situtions as enemy will fire many missiles towards us in order to invade these systems.I am not sure how many missile it can destroy in quick seccession however we must apriaciate the DRDO efforts specially in missile tech as they are responding in really fast manner compared to other systemswith recent successful tests of Agi 3/4/5,Surya,Prahaar etc. Hope we will see Nirbhay test soon.

  4. @prashant..the case of multiple missiles….each anti missile system can only simultaneously protect the host from N missiles at max…if the enemy launches N+1…

    the indian army is 2.5 million strong…but against an army of 10 million it would be in trouble!!.

    its a tradeoff!

  5. Delhi? but thats where all the scam masters[from all parties] gather to celebrate their greed. It should be the last place that should have the system in place.

  6. Wonderful to know that Madam-Ji can sleep more peacefully.

    Now to put in a real LR-IADS for the rest of the country….thats another matter altogether

  7. The key is to detect and destroy over pakistan itself.If Missile carrying nukes,what is the point of deflecting or destroying away from delhi,but over another population center?? Are only the lives of a few politicians important?

  8. kudos to the scientists and techneciansof drdo and its leader Dr Sarswat.atleast,India has done good job in this area.the nation should also thik of engaging NATO,US and Israel so as to make it full proof. Our country must no show any laxity on its part to invite nuclear blackmail by rougue states surrounding our borders.

  9. India has a 2 layer defense system right now, after the PDV ABM and rajendra radar it will complete a 3 tier system almost like the Aegis of the US………
    to the anons above me u are seriously misinformed Paki

  10. What is the proof that the interceptor has hit the target ? Is there any higher resolution video remote sensing coverage of the predicted interceptor point. DRDO has never shown it to any body or media. Only the data available from the radar and calculation of distances between the targets are made and guaranteed for interceptor success. DRDO has to entrust missile target launch independently to ARMY first. Then they should make some interception remote sensing coverage and validate with the data received. Commands for destroying the interceptor from ground should be eliminated and ensured by the expert committee out of DRDO's influence. Mostly such successes are false claim and motivated unless proven with concrete evidences.

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