Indian Navy Begins Search For New Large Landing Ships

Cleared to acquire more large amphibious ships, the Indian Navy has invited information from Indian shipbuilders for new landing platform docks (LPDs). The navy has stipulated that it wants ships constructed under the Indian government’s “buy and make” procedure, which entails the local license build of proven foreign equipment. The navy currently operates a single LPD, the INS Jalashwa, formerly the USS Trenton (LPD-14), but wants LPDs slightly larger, while keeping capabilities, capacity and kit largely the same.

More here [.pdf]

Photo by Shiv Aroor / INS Jalashwa from a landing craft

14 thoughts on “Indian Navy Begins Search For New Large Landing Ships”

  1. wat will the LPD carry for transportation of the soldiers to the shore a LCM boat or an ACLC like the zubr class ( i really hope it's the ACLC as they can carry tanks and APC'S )

  2. Amphibious ships!!!
    its more useful for countries like US whose every time concern is which country to invade. amphibious ships like US navy marines operate adds another dimension to navy- trained solders like US marines, amphibious troop transport vehicles, armored attack vehicles, sea attackhelicopters to provide air support for troops in ground. Navy will have to solve a lot of this problems before they bring in these ships. Hell a new wing of defense called Indian marines have to be made.

  3. Royal Navy bay class would be perfect for India proven design. One is also for sale soon, so get one cheap and then build another

  4. LPD's in Indian Navy,would be awesome.However For us they would be more useful for relief efforts during disaster,after all we don't believe in intervening like USA.But still it will be good as a deterrent by increasing our quick action capability.

  5. This sounds like new construction of four LPDs announced in Dec. 2009, not retrofit of used. Yes?
    I've read the US is trying to sell many LPDs in the same class as Jalashwa, some slightly larger, to India(LPD-13), Mexico(LPD-7), or anyone else(LPD-12). Some will be decommissioned soon, or were in the last few years. Why is this road not taken?

  6. "My simple pooch for a second time – Who the eff are we planning to invade?"

    My simple jawab for the first and hopefully the last time. Getting amphibious ships does not mean that you are going to invade. Unless you think getting nukes means you are going to start nuking from tomorrow.

  7. The Mistral Class is not a LPD which is the requirement, It is a LDH. Two get picky it is also an meter to small.

    Bay Class, did you read the requirement? it is only 176m with a requirement of 200m.

  8. We should be a bit more ambitious and think about real Amphibious Assault Ships like Mistral or even better like Spanish Juan Carlos (Australian navy has ordered a couple of these ships). A couple of these ships will be far better than 4 LPDs.

  9. Submarine tender was announced a year ago and still won't be ready till December 2011. How many years before this tender is floated? By the time the decision arrives there will be another election and by the time the LPDs finally arrive we'll all be old men.

    What a wonderful defence procurement policy, UPA.

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