Indian Navy Gets 4th P-8I

This just in: Boeing has delivered the fourth P-8I maritime patrol aircraft to India on schedule, fulfilling the first half of a contract for eight aircraft.The aircraft departed from Boeing Field in Seattle and arrived May 21 at Naval Air Station Rajali, where it joined three P-8Is currently undergoing operational evaluation.
“This marks an important milestone — the halfway point for P-8I deliveries to India,” said Dennis Swanson, BDS vice president in India. “The Indian Navy is putting the first three P-8Is through their paces operationally, and the P-8I delivered today will begin flight trials in the coming months,” said Leland Wight, Boeing P-8I program manager.

8 thoughts on “Indian Navy Gets 4th P-8I”

  1. Dear Shiv,

    What happened to the operational efficiency problems which this plane and its American cousins were experiencing? Any news on that?

  2. Addressing Anonymous Paki moron @ 5:21 PM: Firstly, it is an IN plane not IAF's. Secondly, the high amount hours IAF devotes on flying is the amounts on hours PAF devotes resting their handful # of junk fighters on the ground. So, you can't compare. You can only pray that Indian doesn't decide unleash their fury on porkistan in the future.

  3. Shiv, What happened to the issues raised by the American users of P-8A and previous Indian Government did not raised any questions so far. Indeed the issues the Indian Navy brought one more (although its a contract made earlier). Did Govt of India Raised any questions to the Boing.

  4. indians were not knowing it's drawback…it is only the US who informed about the short comings of this product till then Indians never raised any concern…think the integration of P-8A and P-8I might differ, indians were either satisfied with this product or they still never learned properly to use it to find it's drawback

  5. Another TRASH aircraft produced in the US of A and sold to the corrupt UPA government . An australian newspaper has just reported that in the search for the missing Malaysian aircraft the P8A was unable to provide ANY LEADS .

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