Indian SAM-3s Smash Pak F-16s. In Film.

This animation by Anurag Rana depicting PAF F-16s being intercepted by Indian SAM-3 Pechoras is part of a larger upcoming film by Wing Commander R.S. Chauhan.

Animation / Anurag Rana

13 thoughts on “Indian SAM-3s Smash Pak F-16s. In Film.”

  1. Flying Maruti to launch SAM-3 interceptor missiles.

    The flying car will launch these missiles in case Pakistan f16s violate Indian airspace.

    The Kaveri engine will be used to power the flying car, being developed by a private entrepreneur in Bangalore.

    It is being designed to run on a mix of LPG and petrol.

    The single engine vehicle will feature the kaveri engine working on the tornado principle.

    Test flights are being carried out at Jakkur aerodrome.

    Last year r k singh allotted free space for the flying maruti at aero india.

    The airframe of the car is also being modified to carry brahmos payload. For areal+ground launch capability.


    Read More at:

  2. Can someone explain why the F16 would show a huge RCS to a radar guided missile by banking away from it and presenting a tail-view instead of turning head on, which if I'm not mistaken would present the smallest possible radar signature?

    Or am I missing the point of the video? Is it just an animation for the creators portfolio?

  3. I like the animation. Can you just add some last-minute desperate moves by the F-16 to dodge off the missile. Also have a Ashok Chakra on the missile and moon and star marking on the plane tail. Also show a bearded Wahhabi pilot in the plane.

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