Indian SSBN Arihant Achieves Milestone, Govt Messes Up By Releasing Photo Of US Navy Submarine

The Indian Information & Broadcast Ministry has just released this Youtube clip which contains a single still photograph of what it wants you to believe is the Arihant SSBN, which reached a milestone today with its pressure water reactor finally going criticial. Well, guess what. Even on a day like this, the government didn’t mind filching a photograph of a US Navy Ohio-class submarine in an officially released video. My thanks to Shubhankar for pointing this out. Stay classy, government. No day like today to get it embarrassingly wrong. Sigh.

10 thoughts on “Indian SSBN Arihant Achieves Milestone, Govt Messes Up By Releasing Photo Of US Navy Submarine”

  1. Maybe they did it on purpose…maybe the govt is smarter than we give it credit for!!!
    I'm sure the americans want to find out what the arihant looks like…well here's up yours uncle sam!!!

  2. Really, you think the govt is smart. Group dynamics dictates that the measured IQ is equivalent to the one with the lowest IQ.
    Do you really think that every intel agency does not have pix of the submarine. The sub was not built in vacuum, but you surely are living in one. good luck

  3. I m sure this very smart goverment wanted us to knw tht it was ppl dressed in pak army uniform tht killed our soldiers , the this v smart gov calls assembling of knock down kits as indegnious technology ..

  4. The MoD and its chiefs are after all textile and agriculture Minster…'is me kya hogaya' chalta hai attitute" eating its way thru

  5. What about media itself publishing all sorts of pictures touting to be Arihant? India Today included a picture of USS Key West with the picture tag as Arihant…

  6. Mod PRO Could have published at-least image of a Russian Sub..instead of a US one..if Indian Govt can not thank Russia or acknowledge their help…..where as US tried to block the deal (Russian help in Nuclear Reactor technology)..It was Rajiv Gandhi's personal effort, i guess to persuade Russians to help us in this ..worked..since US mounted enormous pressure on Russia …not to help India on this.

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