India’s CGS Vigraha Now Lanka’s SLNS Sayurala

Photos Copyright Sri Lanka Navy

2 thoughts on “India’s CGS Vigraha Now Lanka’s SLNS Sayurala”

  1. Well, its good to help enemies by indian govt .

    1. Srilanka already signed with china to allow its naval base , which is very close to tamilnadu , from their its very easy for china to attack india from its nuclear fleet.

    2. if we watch daily news , srilankan navy attacking indian fishermen's in rameshwaram .

    we think india is so happy about these incidents , that what its transferring its ship to ceylon , its shameful we already facing depletion in all three forces in force level . i wonder why india has not taken any hard steps to stop chinese nuclear sub's base in srilanka

  2. @anonymous: The SL government gave first dibs to the Indian government in terms of the Hambanthota port project, but the Indian government declined. Keep in mind that Indian companies run the oil farm in Trincomalee (another important port). Educate yourself about the topic at hand before you open your big mouth.

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