India’s Nishant UAV Completes Confirmatory Trials

DRDO Statement (edited): The DRDO Nishant UAV has successfully completed a series of confirmatory trials conducted by the Indian Army at Chandan Range Pokharan. The successful flight trials were conducted by the Army before taking delivery of a set of four Nishant UAV systems. The trials were witnessed by Lt Gen Vinod Nayanar (Director General Artillery), ADE director PS Krishnan and Nishant project director G Sivasankaran and representatives from the Army regiment that is ultimately going to deploy the Nishant. The performance of the pay load sensors in particular has been better than even the imported UAVs with the Army.

Photo Courtesy DRDO

6 thoughts on “India’s Nishant UAV Completes Confirmatory Trials”

  1. In how many numbers will it procured…and what are its advantages wen compared to ISRALE UAVS apart from launching and recovery…any gurus plz clear my doubt thanx in advance…

  2. nishant has a pay load capacity of 200kg…if we buy hellfire missile (45kg) then we can hav 2 on it….will be a useful one…they hav to increase its range…its only anout 300km..

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