India’s Short-haul Civil Jet Takes (More) Shape

Found these at the National Aerospace Laboratory stall at Aero India. Compare the images above with the ones posted here and here.

For an agency that can’t get the troubled Saras off the ground anymore, it’s strange how they think they’re going to have the resources for a regional airliner. Not sure how much audit oversight NAL is subjected to. Will poke around.

22 thoughts on “India’s Short-haul Civil Jet Takes (More) Shape”

  1. this is all these DODOs are good at, making pretty pics.. so far i've not seen anything they've made fly.. even the LCA is being scornfully accepted. Waiting for a RATshaker to argue..

  2. To anonymous @5.20,

    Hey Porki,atleast we have the confidence to bring out pics and roll out a real plane after some delays as usual. But you cannot even think of doing that.The best yu can do is buy JF17 like junk from China.

  3. anonymous @ 5.20 Haha! Thanks for the ignorance. FYI there exists an exclusive design authority for RTA project, it's not the DRDO…..Keep enjoying DRDO fever.

  4. Looks like a clone of embraer e-jets. Go figure..

    Yeah, not just that it looks like a clone, give or take some magnification, of every twin-jet-on-the-wings-airframe every built – 737, A320, A319, Bombardier C series etc., Shocking!

  5. seems that DRDO has got into making fool the indian public by ..churning loads of plastic models n n no of broachers…..we ..indian fail to believe that …first make some indigenous stuff..then claim its indigenous…..

  6. LOL…

    love the comparisons..the sharpish nose does give it a E series resemblance ..but it is sharper than the E series it appears…
    A 319 nd S-100 superjet…i dont know where those came in from…i guess being in the same area of target market makes it enough to say its a copy of those…

    while at it please..go on and add the C919 and MS 21 too to the list…

  7. For all ******* here, who are bashing DRDO for anything.

    Why don't you join DRDO and make some improvements ?

    And the one who worry about tax payers, can you please tell how much tax you pay ?

    Baat to aisee karte hain jaise inke father ne pushpak vimaan banaya tha

  8. Even if they make the parts, that is a step….

    And as for the replica issue…other than the 747 or the A380 I have a hard time looking at a plane from the outside and telling if it is a Boeing or an Airbus…forget the model… assuming that is true for some people.

    At least if they copy right, then they are copying a proven design!!

    And most planes do have a cockpit and two wings and a vertical stabilizer. Maybe they should replicate an ambassador car and give it wings! 😉

  9. Maybe they should replicate an ambassador car and give it wings! 😉

    Not to forget the "expert" whoa few months back on these pages commanded that HAL build a simple Spitfire because that's all we need

  10. @ Anon 129
    thats all the knowledge n skill you need to criticize DRDO here…actually you have much more than needed..the ability to post a comment here..thats the minimum requirement ..[add that you pay Taxes…adds more weight to your claim]

  11. Unless they make it the shape of a UFO it will be called a clone of some jet or the other. Don't bother such comparisons.

  12. Why don't they complete the Saras project. RTA!. Leaving what is in your hand and reaching out for moon.

    First of all they will have to learn learn how to reduce weight of saras. Sell, atleast 30 planes. Then talk about RTA!

  13. well said sandy. let the NAL get the Saras program done and then talk about the RTA. The Saras already had a crash which killed folks frm the ASTE. The NAL's a joke, so many projects and nothing of production quality built. Atleast HAL built the ALH, and even exported it. And HAL is a manufacturing shop, not a r&d outfit like these drdo labs. Best to bet with folks who can execute, like HAL than the DRDO folks. The ROI with DRDO projects is plain miserable. Any other country would just close these r&d shops and go for straight technology transfer and collaboration with foreign companies. But we continue to prop up these establishments which have contributed nothing of value, except to the flag-waving crowd.

  14. Yup, NAL needs to get its act together before dreaming lofty dreams like the RTA. Interestingly while going through the Saras crash report , which by the way I highly recommend for all to read given the amount of detail DGCA covers, the ASTE also seems to share a fair bit of blame. I was surprised to read the lackadasaical approach by the pilots to testing. Here's a sample from the summary, which includes ignoring the recommendation by the Flight engineer to return to base at the first sign of trouble.

    At about 6 mins prior to crash commander was commenting “something
    getting drastically wrong-something is not OK”. Pilots had not given
    seriousness to higher drag than expected at that situation. About 30 secs after
    this doubting performance of the aircraft, when FTE suggested for going
    back to base, it is blindly rejected by the copilot. Comm ander also
    commented “we will switch off and later show to the Ground”. Co -pilot
    also hilariously telling commander “road is there for emergency” and
    advised FTE for the placing readiness of parachute for emergency,
    without assessing the risk of the situat ion.

    Wow. Read the rest of the report for more. But I hope things have changed since this, including NAL's project management and ASTE's cockpit procedures and discipline, because this is scary at best.

  15. Hey! Ship Atleast u should respect that atleast they are taking the right step towards making a civil plane when there is no such infrastructure in d country.

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