It’s Official: India Chooses Boeing’s Apache

The Indian government has officially selected Boeing’s AH-64D Apache Block III in its three-year effort to buy new attack helicopters. Contract negotiations are expected to begin shortly. Confirming what had been unofficially known for a while, IAF chief Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne said today that the service had chosen the Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow Block III as its next attack helicopter. The Apache beat Russia’s Mi-28NE in a competition for 22 helicopters.

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  1. So India is inducting the most advanced version of most deadly helicopter. This is just frigging amazing. Apache as heavy hitter and LCH as raider will bring enemy to its knees. To understand how advance this heli is just take the fact that USA is going to deploy them in 2013.


  3. Does longbow show the same capability as US version or will US downsize the capability of longbow.

    Can any one confirm this please?

    Again, Apache is not deadly alone, Apache + longbow is deadly for Chink and Pak ground forces.

  4. @the_nerd_guy, 1.)You are trying to accuse a honest serving IAF chief without any proof. 2.)The apache trials were not done during his term.
    The beauty of indian democracy cannot be destroyed by you and your RSS? BJP ideology. This country is has never tolerated extremists like you and will never do. if you love to have religilion based country then you can go a our nearest neighbouring country. and do you half chaddi RSS dance.

  5. Yes I totally agree with view of above [email protected]:27 PM.
    Apache even with Block III upgrade is a waste of money if "Longbow", mast mounted MMW radar and HellFire with MMW seeker combination is not ordered.
    Please note:We have seen in previous deals with US,MOD for strange reasons,has never opted top of the line sensors and missiles,even whenthey were cleared by US administration..for example P-8I MMA,Indian MOD opted for different search radar than US Navy also Indian MOD did not opt for longer range latest Harpoons ..instead opted for short range olde versions to equip P-8I…really strange????

    Even a US Navy specialist, has commented as why this kind of utter waste of money being done…instead using the potential capability/true capability of this MMA Platform???

    I read some where that Indian MOD, have requested for only 10 nos of Longbow Radars for 22 Apache helicopters being purchased worth of billions of USD.


  6. @the_nerd_guy you really have no idea what you are talking about.

    Please educate yourself with the facts before opening your mouth.

  7. @the_nerd_guy>> WTF!!!

    If Apache selected christian hand!
    If Havoc selected then kickbacks!
    There is just no winning with cynics like you.

    Welcome this great news!
    The capability leap is enormous; from day only operations a few years ago to networked all weather operations right at the cutting edge!! Awesome.

    Have always been a Hind fan, will be interesting to see mixed formations of Apaches,Hinds and even the Hip V5s.
    Looking at how good our forces are at integrating equipment from various sources wouldn't be too far fetched to see composite unit operations with the Apache using its longbow FCR to detect targets and handing them over to Hinds,Hips,LCH or even the Rudra.

    Another interesting concept would be the real time feed off Heron,Searcher,Rustom going in to the Apache.
    Opens quite a few interesting options indeed.

    Only gripe is the numbers. I hope they have planned beyond 22 as that's too few in my opinion. The IAF will probably split these into 2 units of 10 with 2 as attrition reserves or dedicated trainers.

    On the other deal I do not understand how the Mi-26T2 can be in competition with the Chinook!!
    Both are in different classes. The only thing that makes sense is that the IAF wanted the Chinook but needed to run a competition so as not to be in a single source situation.
    Both the Chinook and the Mi-26 are in a class of their own each with unique capabilities. The Mi-26 can lift 20 tonnes compared to the Chinook's 12.5 tonnes. The Chinook's ramp,tandem rotor configuration and triple hook system make it one of the most agile and tactically versatile rotary lift aircraft.

    Ideally the IAF should be looking at a lot more than 15 Chinooks supported by a squadron of Mi-26s.

    A simple illustration: a squadron of 12 Mi-26s can move a 1000 combat equipped soldiers into a theater, a further 20/24 Chinooks can move them right to the edge of the battle area. Fuel, ammunition and other supplies can be inducted in the same way to maintain the logistic chain. This can be very helpful in the northern and north eastern sectors for rapid reaction to any crisis.

    Again there is the question of moving all battlefield helicopter operation/ownership to the Army Air Corps, which makes sense to a great extent but then again our forces do things in their own way. 🙂

  8. @Anony 8.06 – I do not agree with nerd, but at the same time you are also another nerd. You seem an Ignorant person who never gone through history of India. Just go through the list of SHAHEEDs and you'll come to know the ACTUAL AND TRUE HISTORY.

  9. I needs at least 50 to 60 of them and then do a reverse engineering to give the LCH the required teeth. This is again too little to late. With the Navy in docks overs Vikramaaditya and army having to deal with heavy Arjun tanks which are sitting duck for enemy at least air force is putting the right foot forward.

  10. Sorry, I meant to say more than double its original price and US tech will come with strings attached. Plus, we have no experience in dealing support and spares with US. History tells us they set their own rules when they see fit.

  11. @Nerd Guy. We are proud of our great country and we don't needs fanatics like you to tell us what to do. I live abroad and as an Indian, I am ashamed of you. Incidentally, there are many more Hare Rama, Hare Krishna people here in Europe than there are Christian missionaries in India and people do NOT have a problem with that- except for weird ones like you. Christina missionaries have educated me and made me who I am as they have done so for millions of Indians. I am not sure where we as a country would be without Christian missionaries. Ask anyone today and they want to send their kids to convent schools. If Christian missionaries really converted everyone, the Christian population would be much much more than 2%!!!! Somehow you remind me of some brainwashed people who belong to a neighbouring country with a different system of governance from us who can't think straight.

    As for NAK Browne, he is the best officer to lead the airforce at the moment and I don't care if the chief is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, whatever. I am so glad fanatics like you are a miniroty.

    Word of advice, please never ever call yourself an Indian as you are definitely NOT an Indian- maybe a member of a neighbouring country who is trying to spread discord among us Indians.

  12. Need to stop fooling ourselves that America will part their latest and greatest to India without bankrupting us several times over.

    Good news is that the small and hugely expensive order will kick the Russians out. It will force the IAF to induct HAL Dhruv/Rudra in numbers.

    Reality check is that we need large number of inexpensive Indian made stuff to counter the Chinese. It might not be world class but will deter these jerks.

  13. Morons like the_nerd_guy are bringing religion into the country's security. After all the IAF chief got there fighting for his country.. who is your defense minister "NERD". Mr. Anthony is a christian. Who was your previous Defense minister.. George Fernandez also was a christian. Don't bring religion into this forum.. Just support the cause.
    What was your point when you said that.

  14. isnt the future of long or rather missile distance warfare linked to AWACS n(AEW&C)….why do we need every freaking pawn helicopter to have the snaziest radar? situational awareness,hide,snoop,attack,release nd move on…its all about efficiency……Longbow is grt addition but shudnt be an absolute neccessity with many other awacs comin to the fray by then.

  15. @ the_nerd_guy, You need to be slapped left, right and center for speaking non sense… Paki's are suffering coz of fanatics like you who are educated but have no wisdom or common sense. You open your frigging bull trap once more , you'll get raped here on this site by me and other posters. So hold onto your loose RSS Chaddi and run…

  16. @ The_nerd_guy

    A realist??? u say??? …

    Ok Mr Realist … you say that Chirstian Missionaries here in india (being funded by lets say boeing) call/email/sms/met personally…. Air chief Marshal NAK Browne… (after having tea with Sonia Gandhi)… TOLD him to select th Apache ?????

    Pal… Dream on… its not being a Realist… Its just simply being dumb and Stupid…and justing asking for your 5 mins of Fame on this blog by saying absolute nonsense…..

    Solution for you and people like you : Is simply forget you all!!

  17. guys enough of talking about religion. this forum is not for that. now can somebody explain about the spares and its maintenance cost cycle. does these machines contain chinese parts like the one which we have in C 130 and vikramaditya. can anyone give clear picture

  18. what the hell is going on here. Shiv has told the fact about India getting this mean machine & you guys are indulging yourself in casts & religions. Come on………. this is really good news for all of us. Our borders will now be safer with more machines (indigenious as well as partner production) coming to our forces.

  19. I fully agree with what many others have said here. The Apache is an awesome bird provided it has the Longbow and Hellfire component.

  20. Russia is increasing its defence relationship with Pakistan,see how Pak Army chief is being treated in Pak and Russian videsh mantri postpone his visit to India due to visit of Pak Army chief to Russia,so I think I sis should now clearly go to USA side

  21. @Anonymous said You are trying to accuse a honest serving IAF.

    In reply to the above. What is wrong with being an RSS supporter. There is no shame in being an Indian and being swadeshi and Indegenous in thougth, that's what RSS stands for.

    What you wrong with you all convent educated jesus loving fcking marxists? you are the ones who love foreign cultural import. fckng Nut heads!!
    RSS haters on this forum better watch out or get kicked in he nuts.

  22. @4527f0ac-bcb5-11…. Let me tell what is wrong with being a RSS supporter. It is one of the only two organizations in the entire Indian subcontinent to oppose Quit India Movement you illiterate fool. Had it been the RSS way you would have been singing Lord Save The Queen. Secondly, RSS was formed by Sawarkar who was a self proclaimed atheist. All he wanted to do was amass power by using Hindu separatism. RSS is anti constitutional is dangerous for the country's stability. Moreover if you are so much of an Indian why use an imported language to make your point? ?????? ??? ???

  23. The Air Force Chief is a chopper jockey and now using his tenure to get another toy for his helicopter boys who are generally relegated to unglamorous, mundane battlefield transport duties otherwise.

    The Apache itself, in all its avatars has not been particularly successful. Check out an authoritative article at

    Buying the Apache is, perhaps, another ploy to skim off fat commissions, or please Uncle Sam after having rejected their fighters in the MRCA fly-offs. The Air Force would be better off getting a dedicated ground support aircraft like the A-10 or the SU-25 since their Flankers and Rafales would be too busy in counter-air operations for a large part of the initial stages of a future conflict. Leave the rotary wing craft for the Army Aviation to induct and employ. The IAF has been getting too sprightly for its good – like raising GARUDs who are at best well-trained troops to protect strategic AF assets or sanitise AF assets from enemy Special Forces' operations. Yet the AF shows off GARUDs as if they were the SEALs. Poor show AM 'Charlie' Browne !!!

  24. Dear Shiv,

    I agree with the IAF that the Longbow is the best of its kind but I have misgivings about this class of aircraft.

    I have never seen this platform as something that offers overwhelming utility in our context.

    I fear the Longbow is going to be a white elephant – I am skeptical that this platform will ever be called into use against Chinese or Pakistani tanks before they have had a chance to develop adequate counter measures.

    I confess I was hoping that this proposal would die a natural death in the MOD but tragically that has not happened.

    I feel the money will be better spent on more transport aircraft or if the Americans are willing on things like the MC-12w.

    This is an awful lot of money to spend on something that is most likely never going to be used in its intended role.

    I am really not comfortable with this proposed purchase.

  25. Debabrata Roy said…

    Hey Dude get your Facts straight it is YOUR CPI-ML and the Congress party that have Marxist, Leninist and Scottish roots (yeah Congress party was set up by the Scottish and the likes of Anne besant) on the other hand RSS, Aurobindo are true swadeshi. Your forefathers followed sanatan dharma', so,It is ONLY YOU my friend who needs to get facts straight. Being a swadeshi there is no need to import and glory semitic religions, mindsets and products.

    India is the oldest civilisation your Ideals were living on tress when Aryabhata was talking about planets ans number theory.

    RSS is symbolic of what india stood form, and yes i'd prefer to be in that khakhi than made in china kicker bockers.

  26. @Anonymous Sir Aurobindo had nothing to do with RSS. I am a Hindu and am a strong believer of Hindu philosophy but violence against minority wasn't called for by "Sir" Aurobindo or Rabindranath or any other Hindu spiritualist. And about using swadeshi. This blog is hosted by "blogger" owned by Google of US. That doesn't mean you should not read it. And we are buying weapons not because we cannot make them but because we don't have sufficient time to meet the shortage. As long as they are working I don't care much for the source. Stop pimping for RSS because it doesn't stand for anything that it claims to stand for. And please don't bother to reply though because I don't wish to spent my breath on you.

    PS Stop politicizing everything. More parties are to be blamed for this situation than Congress.

  27. Debabrata Roy said…

    Dear Deba Bahi, Congress a party that has been in power at the Center and in States for most the 65+ year after independence. If you think that party cannot be blamed for the corruption and caste politics/Religious politics/Ideological (Hindu, Anti Hindu) rifts then it is like making a retard understand why the earth is round not flat. There are a lot of people in Today's world who believe that earth is flat.

    My point is if you don't like congress/Christian missionary/CPIM-L bashing then people like don't like RSS bashing either.

    This is not the forum to be judgemental about RSS. So, please keep your (RSS) opinion to your self.

    Jai Bharat, Jai Subhash, Jai Hind.

  28. m28 was a better option. In a price of 1 apache we can buy 2 m28. its big armored helicopter exactly what we need in kashmir.

  29. Unbelievable! after so many decades of proven untrustworthy American attitude, deals such as procurement of GE engines for LCA Tejas, light Howitzers & now Apache as main attack helicopter is a definite let down. Earlier sanctions slapped by USA on us had already resulted in delayed development of military, & socio-economic technologies in India. It has happened earlier that we had bought hardware from USA & they denied us access to the future upgrades to those technologies as per then ToT agreements signed between us. Those were the hard times when we had to tackle both the Islamic extremists & communists together in the absence of promised technologies for which we had already signed agreements & that happened because the evil that our leaders trusted for it's democratic roots turned out to be an ally of the Islamic extremists at that time, putting up various international bans on us & denying technology upgrades as signed by them. it was a big shock of that time & i can't believe that our filthy government is so low witted that they are once again making the same stupid mistake. another ban from the states & our LCAs, Field artillery & attack helicopters will be grounded without techno support. while USA is still a major ally of our biggest enemy of all times & earlier too it had donated weapons to them to keep us busy in warfare. Americans will do this again to match their war might to that of ours. the only difference would be that we'll pay for those technologies that Pakistan will get free of charge in the name of alliance & aide. finally all the money that we spent on these technologies will benefit USA to aide Pakistan cuz even in 2012, Americans are still funding Pakistani militia. we Indians are indirectly aiding & strengthening Pakistan to fight against us.

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