More Exclusive Photos & Video Of New Indian Destroyer ‘Kolkata’

9 thoughts on “More Exclusive Photos & Video Of New Indian Destroyer ‘Kolkata’”

  1. With the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine I wonder what the status of the engines on these ships and future P-15B's stands now. There has always been a problem getting reliable service and spares support for Russian machinery and if the manufacturer here closes shop these ships will be white elephants…Hope the Navy has some contingency plan in place for this scenario

  2. Does this have a AESA radar…ships of this class have SAMs with range of over 100nm for area defence along with point defence sams. India is still relying on outdated weaponry and sensors. RBU is a good weapon for subs in the vicinity of ship…but for long range need to have KLubs.

  3. I am sure this ship is without long range SAMs…what a shame. Such a nice boat but is incomplete. These ships should have RIM-161 class SAMs like USN destroyers have. Biggest threat is from subs and aircrafts. Havings tons of Brahmos is overkill and useless, it can't protect the ships. Destroyer needs to be versatile and be able to protect the armada. They are just piling the ships making the shipbuilders happy under the name of indigenisation.

  4. British, Russian, Israeli, some French, and even American based technology. Ah how difficult must be Indian maintenance and logistics.

    It will be another half century before it is all unsnarled. Baby steps.

  5. Apart from LRSAM, these boats have sever issues with the drdo made sonar. They dont have chaff dispensers and decoys.

  6. Don't get carried away by the size and weapanry of this this. It lacks crucial sensors and missiles.

    1. Does not have AESA radar. so wont be able to track and attack simultaneously multiple targets in air and surface
    2. Lacks LR-SAM
    3. Does not have rocket decoys for protection against Anti ship missiles
    4. Problematic DRDO sonar is unreliable against submarines.
    5. Outdated Cheetah/Sea King helos

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