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Happy to announce, I’ve made my debut on, with this photograph I took of an Indian Navy Alouette III/Chetak at Rutland Island in the Andamans in November last. I should note here that all credit for my submission goes to Vishal Jolapara, one of India’s most talented and passionate aviation photographers and planespotters. He noticed this photograph in one of my earlier posts and thought it was worth submitting to He was kind enough to edit and re-edit the photograph before submitting it on my behalf. The photograph was finally accepted today on the site. My deep thanks to Vishal for the effort and interest. As someone who has no skills with a camera (I took this one with a dinky little Panasonic Lumix point and shoot), this is definitely a proud day 🙂

12 thoughts on “My Debut Photo On”

  1. Cool New Year Gift to kick-start your 2012.

    Nice Shot Bro and am glad its now in a place where it can be appreciated by fellow enthusiasts & admirers.

    Keep bringing us more from his hidden world of Indian Defence.

    Best regards – VJ

  2. Great start Shiv. seriously lacks and need such kind of action pictures of Indian military aviation, which only journos like you can fulfill.

    And thanks to Vishal for the initiative and editing.

  3. Congratulations ! Good photos are more of skill than the equipment. On the the other hand Panasonic cameras are under-rated. I own 2 of them and absolutely love the quality of the Leica lens. Great camera for the price.

    Keep up the good work !

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