New Camo Colours For Indian Super Hercs?

This scale model IAF C-130J Super Hercules at the Western Air Command headquarters in Delhi shows the platform in a grey-camo paint scheme. While the six current airframes at 77 Squadron are all in the standard grey of most IAF aircraft, sources say three of the follow-on six may be ordered in this nice camo livery. Sweet.

8 thoughts on “New Camo Colours For Indian Super Hercs?”

  1. Any idea how much we are paying for this batch of 6? The first batch of 6 was for $1.06 Billion which translates to $180/C-130J. Qatar paid $393.6 Million for 4 C-130J in 2008, same year we ordered ours. Link below-

    Why we do we pay more for the same thing? For the C-17, for the C-130J and for the AW-101 also.

    Well, atleast we know why we paid more for the AW 101. When will we know for the others?

  2. Good that the IAF is adding more C-130-J's to it's inventory. It would seriously make sense to have atleast 20 of these aircraft considering their effectiveness.

    Shiv, any updates on INS Vikramaditya? Eager to know what is happenning on it sea trails…

  3. Makes sense that they have this camo,will be useful as the second batc of the C-130J will be operating in the North East terrain, being based out of Panagarh..

  4. i think the AF is doing all it can to pull off an OBL type raid in the future….the only problem is we're a couple of stealth troop transports short…

  5. Sweet…..

    IAF should return back to camos

    I miss the blue camo of first batch of Su -30Mk's, those were the best

    wondering why MKI's didn't wore it….

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