New Missile ‘Prahaar’ Debut Testfire Tomorrow

India’s newest missile, Prahaar, is scheduled to be test-fired tomorrow from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) on the country’s eastern seaboard. The missile (the existence of which had been unknown until a few weeks ago) has been officially described as a quick reaction surface to surface weapon that will be road-mobile, cannisterised and in a six-missile per unit configuration. Nothing else is officially known, though there has been — and continues to be — a great deal of speculation over what the missile’s antecedents are. The DRDO has said the missile has been in development for four years. Stay tuned for updates tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “New Missile ‘Prahaar’ Debut Testfire Tomorrow”

  1. dude are sure of the six unit configuration….?? do you mean six missile in six canister or six separate launchers….that is six trucks having one missile each….

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    God Willing they would successful

  3. Anon 2:08 pm: Mohammed just translated in english below what he wrote in urdu, he wishes the scientists well.. 🙂

  4. A reply from an army officer to prasun sengupta for his biased and false claims.

    "Colonel JitendraVyas said…

    Mr Prasun,

    In your first comment you mentioned that the accuracy of SS-150 is dismissal and the system is cumbersome and so on.

    Me being witnessed a trial launch,I assure you that the accuracy of the system has been brought down to 4-6mts.Other than the system being a liquid fueled,its still our best choice to take down the enemy targets with a wide variety of targets.Been using the system fora long time and having tested it multiple times,I will place my bet on using this one. All the inventory of 150`s which are ofcourse a huge number running into a number of hundreds has to be expelled to make room for new inventories.
    On the other hand you cant compare a system like prithvi to any other contemporary one. Prithvi lies in an entirely different block. IF accuracy is one factor, then its anti-ABM is another factor.

    Having been sitting on a huge pile of prithvi inventory, every new technology that goes into the next gen long range missiles is being tested on prithvis first.Before the anti-boost phase ABM system was put onto A-III its been tested on Prithvis. Just like all other INS and warhead detonation mechanisms and so on.
    We just have to accept that with no prithvi, there is no further development of missile technology in India.

    And regarding your unresearched comment of Prahaar,that its an indigenised LORA, you are completely wrong at it again. It is a spin-off AAD.While LORA is a quasi ballistic missile, Prahaar is not.

    My sinciere advice is that, next time when you have to post, do research on it.Just dont post whatever pops in your mind"

  5. It was tested last year. Its a newer version of it they are testing now. Keep tuned for some surprises.

  6. I whole heartedly appreciate the views of Col. for Prasun Sengupta who earlier with his own cooked information has disoriented readers on lots of defence matters.

  7. anyone know what is different about this? i mean we have pritvi etc .. so what does this do that those cant/

  8. Dear Shiv, is it(Prahar) is just an Indian version of Israeli LORA system or totally different rocket system?Pls. provide technical details.

  9. Abe [email protected]…, stop whining and bitching about Prasun and learn to appreciate the fact that ALL R & D programs initiated by DRDO have a paper trail in which the DRDO tom-toms its on-going R & D activities. Such paper trails are all in the public domain and available in either TECH FOCUS or DRDO NEWSLETTER. So far, there have been only two R & D programs that have not been mentioned in any DRDO publications before, but have suddenly 'popped out' of the blue. One is the so-called indigenous LRTR whose photos are unavailable from DRDO even now, and the second concerns the Prahaar. Even the MoD's annual reports dealing with DRDO have never mentioned these two R & D programs. This can only mean that R & D and production of these two products have been 'outsourced' by DRDO. So don't you point any accusing fingers at Prasun without any substantiation. Ignorance may be bliss for you but that doesn't mean you have the right to disorient others with your ignorance.

  10. @Anon 4:39 Calm down. If Prasun wanted praise for being the first for calling it LORA based then he shall be ready to face criticism when his forecast turns out to be false. It is totally fair.

  11. Dear Bosh Anonymous 4:39PM:
    If you are that copy cat PSG than let me tell you that you know me very well and you know what i was saying and why i was saying. So lets stop discussions on public forum. Will discuss about my comments when you will be allowed to meet me F2F.
    And if you are a blind follower/fan-kid of PSG than… Go on with your BlowBin attitude that doesnt matter to me.

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