New Record: IAF Puts Super Herc Down On Earth’s Loftiest Airfield

IAF Statement: In a significant capability demonstration move by the IAF, a C 130J-30 Super Hercules aircraft landed at Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO), the  highest airstrip in the world  at 0654 hrs today. The Commanding Officer Group Captain Tejbir Singh and the crew of the “Veiled Vipers” along with senior officer of Air Headquarters touched down on the DBO airstrip located at 16614 feet (5065 meters) in the Aksai Chin area after taking off from their home base at Hindon.
DBO is an important Army forward area post which links the ancient silk route to china. This base was built during the Indo-China conflict in 1962 and came into prominence when Packet aircraft of the IAF operated from DBO between 1962 and 1965. Once again this strategic base in the Northern Himalayas gained importance when it was resurrected and reactivated by the IAF along with the Indian Army and made operational when a twin engine AN 32 aircraft from Chandigarh landed there after a gap of 43 years.
Considering the very limited load carrying capability of AN 32 and helicopters, a decision was taken by the IAF to land the C130J-30 aircraft  which is capable of lifting upto 20 tonnes of load. With this enhanced airlift capability the IAF will now be in a better position to meet the requirements of our land forces who are heavily dependent on the air bridge for sustainence in these higher and inhospitable areas.
The tactical airlift aircraft of the special operations squadron the  “Veiled Vipers” which is capable of undertaking quick deployment of  forces in all weather conditions, including airdrops and landings on unprepared or semi prepared surfaces created history today by landing at this altitude and hostile terrain conditions. This achievement qualifies for the world record for the highest landing by an aircraft of this class. Incidentally, this was the same aircraft and crew that operated at Dharasu during “Op Rahat” for the Uttarakhand flood relief.
Today’s achievement will enable the forces to exploit the inherent advanced capabilities of the aircraft by increased capability to induct troops, improve communication network and also serve as a great morale booster  for maintenance of troops positioned there. It is also a projection of the fact that the IAF is capable of operating in such inhospitable terrain in support of the Indian Army.

17 thoughts on “New Record: IAF Puts Super Herc Down On Earth’s Loftiest Airfield”

  1. Great News!!!

    1. Does this landing ensures us carrying close to 100 people troops / Light Armoured Vehicle/Carrier – close to the LAC during conflict zone?
    2. We should build a permanent military base near the landing strip and provide supplies round the year to our troops to manage DBO better.

  2. I doubt C130J-30 Hercules can deliver 20 Tons of load at such height i.e. 16614 feet (5065 meters)…the air is thinner and hence engine's capability gets reduced drastically.

    1. I agree with you but for slightly different reasons. The take off with full payload is likely to be much closer to the sea level. So that's not an issue. Also, the Super Herc has a service ceiling of well above 8000 meters. That's also not an issue. However, the rough nature of the strip, and from the videos it is ROUGH, will be a major cause of concern for a sortie with fill load. Since the flight would be taking off from DBO with a much lower payload, that also would not be an issue.

  3. Did it carry any (mock) load? I didn't think the super-herc was designed for hot and high, although with a S(er)TOL than the herc, it could ostensibly be used for that.

  4. Dust does not effect engine performance. Only C130 can land at that altitude not C17. I think it can lift only half its max payload to that altitude. But what a proud moment for India. Way to go IAF!

  5. With so much of sand the turbines ( engine's) will get damaged at no time. There is no bravado at unsafe operations. Why can't we make some permanent arrangement, like asphalting the runway.

  6. I assume the dust clouds are what we saw on landing? Considering these engines, electronics, and all the associated mechanics are highly sensitive to such insult, why is the airstrip not properly prepared? Or finished like regular runways?

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