Photo: IAF Western Commander Visits Leh

Photo Courtesy Western Air Command

13 thoughts on “Photo: IAF Western Commander Visits Leh”

  1. why is the chap( 2nd from right) smiling ? looks like he has noticed something really funny behind the commander….and why is there a guy with backpack or is it a mannequin….maybe carrying chai-biskoot for the commander…someone is yawning too!….hmmm,looks like a a very lively outpost.

  2. its sad that there are people like you who have no understanding of what a army is all about and do not have the shame to keep your trap shut

    The Guy is not yawning but calling out a call to arms.

    if one has any understanding of photography – the second guy is not smiling .

  3. Dear shiv

    i have a open request to you,Pls black out these comments which are degrading to out brave solider who dare to protect us in these situation. The above comment made are in bad taste and they do not reflect that the above commenter is a True indian. This are bastard pakis who have been fucked many time and still wanting to get fcuked.

  4. that anon is either an utmost fool who thinks he's very smart or a stupid paki. Seems this paki thinks Indian Army too yawns like his shalwar-kameez Army. Open yer eyes man, there is more to this world than wtz inside yer pea brain.

  5. paki's don't have the spirit to obey they are always at losing side… they always take help from china which is also eager and wants to be fucked by our armed forces…if next time our army gets chance they should rape both the army ….murder both these armed forces..once for all..because we dont like to fuck same ….

  6. hey, what wrong with comment made by the anon @ 9:17pm……don't you know who he is….he is much much more qualified than all you morons , to make such comments….just tell me how many of you have endured the icy winds for 16 years ?eh? c'mon reply.

  7. @6.23 anon

    U moron…everything word written by him is wrong.I dont need to know who is…the words written by him prove that he is a loser.And talking about facing icy winds…yes i've endured it for last 6o years.Are u satisfied now??Now back off u a$$hole.

  8. mr 6:23 and mr 9:17 unlike both of u i have been associated with the armed forces and at forward units – wud request u to contribute positively rather than pick holes where there are none – with people like u in india who needs the pakis….

  9. to anon @ 10:44pm
    so u served at forward posts? so what are u trying to tell? i hav just 2 words for you….BACK OFF.

    to anon @ 10:31pm
    u endured for 60 yrs? so how old are you now ? 61 or 62 ? how was your childhood like? did you ever get the opportunity to go to school ?
    USELESS JUNKIES ..THEM ALL…might have kept kapoor & company in good spirits by running errands for them….and what do they get in return? torn jackets, torn socks, smelly and wet boots, wet gloves…..and not even a word of appreciation when u get immobilised….no compensation when u lose ur toes, ur fingers, ur genitals ….not to the enemy attacks …but to the frost!!!

  10. I'm grateful to people like sunil shetty, aishwarya rai, hrithik roshan, preity zinta…who atleast spent an entire day with us and talked personally to us and enquired about our families and our ambitions….they did not forget to thank us for keeping them safe…I got to meet Mr.Fernandes 6 times at my post, during his short tenure as defence minister…does antony care ?

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