PHOTO: India’s C-NM5 Aircraft Lifts Off

The C-NM5 five-seater aircraft, developed jointly by India’s National Aerospace Labs and private firm Mahindra, made its first flight on Sept 1. This photo, of the aircraft lifting off, is from full-page advertisements in today’s papers. The C-NM5 is India’s first aircraft built through a public-private partnership.

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21 thoughts on “PHOTO: India’s C-NM5 Aircraft Lifts Off”

  1. @anon

    Please stop posting negative comments. It's done only 1 test flight and u already want the IAF to start inducting this aircraft.

    Where is ur common sense??.

  2. Why we repeat same old story ? Developing this on full fledged trainer will take at least another 2 -3 years. Till that training of our pilots will suffer and we will have more casualties. The intended purpose of this craft seems to be for business travel, lets achieve that goal first then we will think of enhancing it.

  3. no way this is not completely Indian.
    GippsAero(75% stakes owned by mahindra ) a Australian firm built it from Indian design and the engine is also US built Lycoming O-540

  4. Good comment below – This should be made into basic trainer for IAF instead of buying from other countries. Even if kickbacks are paid, at least the cost overrun will be going to an Indian company

  5. The pseudo-Commies will be crying bitterly that private sector was allowed to develop this aircraft rather than the almightly DRDO and HAL which took 20 years to make Saras fly. 'Blasphemer baniyas! Babu is god! Only my god should have monopoly over aerospace! HAL owns the skies! Government is god!'

    Now they should scrap Saras and instead let Mahindra make a 14-seater plane. Also scrap that HTT-40 two-seat trainer that HAL is asking another decade to make and instead let Mahindra make one: Like NM5 they'll have it flying within 3 years of making the announcement.

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