PHOTOS: Army Choppers In Sikkim Rescue Ops

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20 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Army Choppers In Sikkim Rescue Ops”

  1. Take a look at the pilot in the third picture from the top.

    See his pot belly ?

    Clearly the Indian Armed forces don't care about physical fitness anymore.

    An independent civilian organization should audit the physical fitness of all 1.2 million armed personell and give its report.

  2. The comment on the pilot's pot belly is a very insensitive one. I am sure the pilot is medically fit to fly. He is also risking life and limb to fly casevacs in the most inhospitable terrain and conditions. Such generalisations on the overall fitness of the Armed Forces are stupid.
    Again, I am sure the independent civilian organisation that anon wants to audit the fitness of the Armed Forces will not be able to go anywhere near some of the areas that the Armed Forces including this pilot operate in. Please use some common sense in your comments. Today's paper highlights the fact that the NDRF has not been able to reach anywhere. However the chopper pilots like that 'pot bellied' one have been flying out casualties since day one.
    Appreciate the fact that the Army is doing a fantastic job. Then only will you really deserve to have such an Army.

  3. Hell shiv, not to take away the great work being done by these selfless soldiers but yes… I too was transfixed looking at pic 2 and the airman flashing his rice pot :).

  4. @8.11pm….dumb that ain't potbelly those are assignment papers which pilot keep inside thier flying suits….kuch bhi chota dikha nahi ki bharat defence murdabad chalu…

  5. @[email protected]:11pm.
    I am sure you have a six pack but how are you at flying a chopper through the hills and bad weather of the northeast?

    The pilot has to fly and if he wasn't fit to fly the flight surgeon would have grounded him.

    The guy is risking his life for others and all you can see is his belly? Shame on you!!

    Imagine if you were the one needing his help out there. I am sure you wouldn't mind it one bit then would you.

    You are being picked at because you picked on.

  6. Everybody here is on about the "poor" pilot with the rice pot is risking his life yada yada . But guys this "poor" pilot is getting PAID to do this job and moreover he volunteered to join the Army! So let's not give a medal for "doing his job" as expected.

    @5.14..if those are supposed to be "assignment papers" then it looks like he is actually carrying a telephone directory!

  7. @Anon 8:11 PM

    About Pot Belly:

    Firstly it is a sitting position with legs half bend, even a shrunk belly will show up.

    Out of so many photographs and such good work being done by those officers, you see and deem it fit to comment on belly.

    In SSB, in the picture association test, you would be a straight out reject and reject. Even if one manges through, he is reject for life.

    I am sure where ever you are, you are "I am OK you are not OK" type of hater.

  8. Most astronauts are civilians …does that mean civilians cannot do tough jobs only pot-bellied Army wallah can do them !!!

  9. A bunch of losers who can't even disclose their identities talking about a guy who risks his life for their sorry behinds. That guy flying the helo owes you guys nothing, but when you are in trouble he will still help, because he is a champ, and you are a limp-wristed wimp. See you losers and bozos.

  10. @1:21.Almost all astronauts who actually pilot the spacecrafts are ex-air-force.The mission specialists or the scientists who come along for the ride are civilians.

  11. [email protected]:36 … you are grossly ill-informed. Some of the spacecraft commanders were ex US Navy/Army and a few were from Air Force too and there is no element of flying involved in spacecraft ..they are remote controlled from mission control. In case of emergency every member is trained to take up the job of the mission commander !!

    …… and I have not even talked about spacewalks EVAs !!!

  12. @Anon12:18.In space risk is a given,there is no such thing as fully fail safe. Manned space missions are not totally reliant on automated flights and all of them have manual interventions.Be it the space shuttle or Russian manned missions or Chinese Shenzou missions all are 'piloted' by predominantly military men.In fact I am hard pressed to recall a civilian commander to a mission.The Chinese,the most recent entrants have sent up only military men.

  13. Manual interventions are limited to controlled burn of thrusters and main engine for a few minutes and even the duration is calculated on Earth for all practical reasons. Docking is machine guided and most of the time automatic. Guidance is computer controlled. Almost everything is automated.

    The toughest job for an astronaut is in EVAs spending long hours space-walking and civilians have shown equal if not better adaptability to such high risk activity in a free fall environment !!

    Get your facts right dude …. all humans are equal and Army wallahs are nothing great. I think you have no clue of the space environment and still stuck up with Stare Trek imagination. Ever wondered how do chopper pilots fly day in and out to offshore industry especially North Sea in severe weather ???

  14. Anon @11:48,
    I just would like a simple reply.Why are astronauts/mission commanders tasked with piloting the flight still pre-dominantly military men or with a military background ?The rest of what you say is probably on hyper-drive or a space warp or whatever!!!!!I have no idea why you seem so complexed about armed forces men or civilian?Were you ever beaten up by one or rejected from the forces??

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