PHOTOS: The C-130J Super Hercules At Hindon

My deep thanks to the very talented Rahul Devnath for these photos of the C-130J Super Hercules at Hindon.

Photos / Rahul Devnath

22 thoughts on “PHOTOS: The C-130J Super Hercules At Hindon”

  1. Looking at the first picture you can see an "SUV" type vehicle. Never seen that anywhere in India and looks very sporty. This picture was more likely taken at the Lockheed facility in the US. Either ways…Great planes!!

  2. As far as I understand — so correct me I'm wrong — the C130J's are only to replace the aging AN-12 aircraft. So, it's not that the IAF is EXPANDING its services and operations by buying the C130J. Of course, I expect the C130J to be many times more sophisticated than the AN-12s, but it's not that the IAF is becoming LARGER.

  3. @Anon 9:55 the An-12s were de-inducted long back and no longer serve in the IAF .The IAF transport fleet now comprises of An-32s,the IL-76 series and variants(both are being upgraded) and the incoming C-117s.The C-130Js are not replacing transports,rather they are adding new capabilities to the IAF,especially in spec. op capability.

  4. Thanks Shiv for sharing them at Livefist.

    @ Anon 09:41 : Well I hope the right people are looking at you comment :). The pics are actually taken at our very own Hindon AFB, which is nothing less than a our very own "Little Rock". Everything is American here!

  5. iv been around for a yr or so, but i still havent figured it out so forgive me if i ask this shiv, but why exactly is your blog named LIVEFIST?

  6. Shiv, the LiveFist watermark on the 5th image almost makes the plane look as if its owned / manufactured .. by LiveFist. Amazing Watermarking. LOL

  7. How come all the planes do not have an air-to-air refuelling probe fitted on them? I can see only 1 or maybe 2 having the probes.

    Different roles for different planes?

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