PHOTOS: Exercise Iron Fist Full Dress Rehearsal

Photos / DPR Defence

11 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Exercise Iron Fist Full Dress Rehearsal”

  1. Finally I see Tejas spewing out some flares there. It appears as if being chased by a bad-ass and the Tejas is slipping out of Radar.


    Aganin – ADA did good job.

    HAL is screwing this up. Give security clearance to TATA and Mahindra to create a production line.

    Why can't India make its own Lockheed and Boeing. so much for 70 years of freedom.

  2. @Anon 11.41 PM who has stopped Tata or Mahindra from becoming a Lockheed or Boeing?? As far as I know both manufacture automobiles which has no market outside India.

    Tata Nano or Mahindra Scorpio have still a long way to go to become a bird of prey.

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