PHOTOS: First IAF C-17 Arrives At Indian Base

Photos / DPR Defence

18 thoughts on “PHOTOS: First IAF C-17 Arrives At Indian Base”

  1. V need atleast 30 of these ones.hope it plays imp role in war and peace time ones. phase out il76 in a timely manner. Base two squadrons in south india also.

  2. What a majestic aircraft! Congrats Indian Air Force 🙂

    Boeing has delivered on time/budget as usual. When will DRDO/HAL learn to be professional & understand the importance of on time/budget delivery of their products for the Indian armed forces?

  3. @ Anonymous 12:52 PM – Not before your 'Abbu' marries another women and produces more incompetent paki morons like you!

  4. Just look at the delivery schedule followed and no cost escalation and the product delivered as per the contract and not like submarine without an engine or charging for an avionics upgrade which is equivalent to price of brand new plane or charging exorbitantly for the spares and to with delayed availability or nonavailability of spares and you cannot buy the spares for the direct supplier are not the conditions on this purchase. IAF as well as other army wings would feel the difference in deal with Boeing.The P8 i and C130 J would have also similar time scheduled delivery and maintenance contract and such a difference is appreciable.


  5. Shiv Sir,

    What are those bright yellow strips visible on the 3rd, 4th and 5th photos left of the roundel on the wing tip and under the Vayu text?


  6. @ anonymous @10:15 AM.

    Please google slime lights.
    Glow in the dark strips that help in formation flying when other strobe lights are kept off for tactical flying.

    Basically all aircraft in formation have their normal lights switched off(tactical reason)and depend on the slime lights for reference to maintain formation at night.

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