PHOTOS: Flight In A PACAF C-17

Took a 30-minute demo flight in a US Pacific Air Forces C-17 Globemaster III at Aero India today. Had the opportunity to be in the cockpit with my video journalist for the take-off routine, an incredibly short one. Beast of an airplane. The first Indian C-17 entered flight test last month and will be delivered to the Indian Air Force in June this year as part of a $4.1-billion deal for 10 aircraft (with options for 10 more). Was at the joining ceremony of the first C-17 at Long Beach last year.

6 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Flight In A PACAF C-17”

  1. Buying heavy haulers from US makes absolute sense. Boeing can deliver within months of ordering and know how to build reliable and high availability equipment using their work in civil airliners.
    Great move by Defense ministry and Air force

  2. The pose is good but you have started putting on weight at this age whereas you were after Air Marshal Naik for for his weight both you and him are broad boned and stocky built suggest you apologize to him

  3. Why not take some help from Boeing in setting up manufacturing units similar to Boeing as its delivery period is right on the mark

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